Scott Christiansen Gabriel, affectionately labeled “The Ethical Psychic”, is one of America’s most accurate psychics. Scott is highly sought after for his down to Earth, no nonsense approach to delivering insightful information with compassion. Scott is an Internationally , and respected, Expert Psychic, Medium, Hands on (and Distance) Healer, Life Coach, Past Life Regressionist, Hypnotherapist, Keynote Speaker, Media Personality & Author. In 2007 Scott was Presented with a National Leadership Award by the United States Congress. He was also appointed to the Business Advisory Council, where he was named Chairman. In 2008 Scott was honored as he joined the top Theologians, Scientists, Researchers & Spiritualists from around the globe for a 10 day United Nations Conference on Spirituality and Ethics. Scott also makes between 100 – 200 Media Appearances annually through Radio, Television, the Internet & Print. Scott was ordained as a non-denominational minister in 2002. He holds Dr. of Divinity and Dr. of Metaphysics degrees as well as a Spiritual Counselor Certificate. His clients include Politicians, the Law Enforcement and Medical Communities, Celebrities, Fortune 500 Companies and a multitude of clients from around the globe. Scott is also the Author of Bridging the Gap – Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds and The Inheritance – a Vision. Scott believes that whenever you hire a professional it is important to know their credentials, that way you have done your homework to insure that you have chosen the right person for your situation. Scott’s long list of credentials is not meant to impress you, but rather to put your mind at ease, as it would have been impossible to have accomplished these things if he was not one of the best on the planet at what he does. Scott’s career spans over 20+ years so you can be assured that he has what it takes to be of service to you!

There is a reason that you find yourself on ConnectWithScott.com right now. You want the best, most accurate information available to you. The things that are going on in your life right now are important, having the right information to make your most informed decision is crucial. Making the right decisions in the right moment can be life changing! The right guidance, at the right time, can bring positive change, inner peace, fulfillment, purpose and joy back into your life! The time is right now! There is no such thing as coincidence, there is a reason that you are reading this right now. I believe that we have both been lead to this moment in order to come into contact with each other. It is a Divine Appointment. If your inner voice is telling you that I can be of help to you, right now, then act on it. During a session, the ONLY thing that is important to me is getting you what you need! I look forward to being a part of your journey and making you a part of mine.


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