Upcoming Event

Website: www.whatyoulovetodo.com
Date / Time: Nov. 19th, Thursday. '09 - Time: 10:00AM (EST)
Host: What You Love to Do!
We invite you to join us for a book study every Thursday morning at 10:00 AM. The address is 602 Brevard Ave. in Cocoa, FL please call 321-503.0304 for more information. Right now we are studying, reading and discussing Michael Beckwith’s new book. It is a great group of people that meet for this Spiritual Coffee every week. It is open to the public and we invite everyone to attend! See you there!

Website: www.Metagroups.info
Date / Time: Nov. 15th, Sunday. '09 - Time: 6:00PM (EST)
Host: Ron Van Dyke & Scott & Mary Christiansen Gabriel
We invite you to join Ron Van Dyke and his “Perspectives” Group this Sunday evening at 6:00. The address is 238 Peachtree St. in Cocoa, FL please call 321-961-3615 for more information. Ron will be introducing and interviewing the couple before turning them over to the audience for an informative and interactive Q&A with those in attendance. So, please join us for an exciting and informative evening! See you there!

Website: www.metagroups.info/BrevEvents.html
Date / Time: Nov. 7th, Sunday. '09 - Time: 7:00PM (EST)
Host: Metaphysicians’ Circle / Maria Bonwell
The Metaphysicians’ Circle meets every Sunday evening at the Lotus Heart, 529 East New Haven in Melbourne, FL. Their phone number is 321.537.3843 for directions or more information. The Metaphysicians’ Circle has invited Scott to be their guest speaker. We welcome you to enjoy an “Evening with Scott”. We look forward to spending the evening with you!