Energy is Eternal, bodies are temporary. Spirit Communication is simply making contact and communicating with spirits no longer contained within bodies. These Spirits can include friends or family members who have crossed over to the other side, your guides or angels. These Spirits can often times provide us with precious information and validation for our daily life and choices. What do yours have to say to you?

Your Soul is aware of every strength, weakness, life lesson and dharma that it has experienced spanning every lifetime. It is also connected to the Collective Unconscious. It has a wealth of information that you may not have tapped into through the bodies thinking brain. Scott can communicate with your higher self and see what pearls of wisdom or directions it may have to offer you in council.

Because Scott can see, hear and feel Spiritual Energies he has the ability to also communicate and interact with these energies. He is also well versed in the Laws of the Universe that we all must obey. Therefore he has the ability to make and enforce rules with regard to Spiritual behaviors. If you have a “ghost” or “entity” in your house, business or body, Scott can help you to understand who is there, why they are there and then force them to leave if that is your desire. Just as there is positive and negative in everything, the Spiritual Realm is no different. If you are plagued with an entity invading your space Scott can exorcise the entity and help you to reclaim your life and your space!

So many of us have been on this planet so many times before. What were your past lives? How do those lives effect this lifetime? How have many of your relationship dynamics are rooted in a life other than the one you are currently living? How many of your strengths or fears are rooted in another time? During a Past Life Regression you will see, hear, feel and experience another lifetime and get these answers for yourself. I will be there to guide and protect you during your experience. I will also be with you on the journey pointing out details, etc. If you could view this entire life in just an hour or two, how much could you learn? Now combine that experience with all of the lives you have lived... It is nothing short of incredible!

Everything is recorded in the "Book of Life", everything pertinent from every lifetime. Each of us has our own book in the huge celestial library called the Akashic Records. Scott can go to this library and look up your volume and retrieve information for you. With regard to past life information, Scott normally will look up limited information. For in depth information, he recommends a Past Life Regression because then you experience everything instead of simply relying on his words and translations.

Scott amazes clients time after time with his uncanny accuracy with predicting the future. However, he is also quick to point out that the future is based upon our Free Will of today. We are confined to a future only by our own thoughts, decisions and actions. However if you seek guidance on a current project or decision, Scott's Intuition will most likely surprise you too! However, the council is often times invaluable!

Scott uses his own Medical Guide's "eyes" in order to see into the human physiology. Using this technique, he can often give details on an  illness or injury when traditional methods fail. He does work with medical professionals in this capacity. Due to the precise results with this technique, his expertise is sought after in this field. Although only a Medical Doctor can provide a diagnosis, the information that come through Scott may be invaluable in its assistance.

By tapping into God's energy, Scott channels healing energy into the body with verifiable results. The Bible calls the practice the "Laying of Hands". Although the technique is different with each client and their particular set of circumstances, the results remain the same... Astonishing! Scott starts by asking your guides why the condition is there. Once that is discussed with the client, if the client is ready to let go of the benefits of that situation and the negativity it may entail, he then asks the guides if the healing is permissible. If all three criteria are met, the immediate results of the healing are indisputable! 

Scott has the ability to see energy. He can tune in and get a visual picture of your energy fields (your Auras, your Charkas, your Energy Meridians & Your Spiritual Body). When our energetic bodies are operating effectively and efficiently we truly feel the difference in every area of our existence. Thoughts, emotions, life events and circumstances can all effect our energetic bodies. We all take our vehicles in every 3000 miles for a check up and an oil change. Why not show your body the same respect and see just how much more whole, complete & reenergized you feel after the experience. You are your own starting point for everything that you do. It might be a good idea to have yourself in top energetic condition to get the most out of your own life experience. Scott utilizes this gift in person and regardless of distance. So, this can work for you regardless where you live on the planet.

Ghost Hunting
Scott has worked with many of the top Paranormal Investigating Teams in the country. Because Scott can “see” and “communicate” with the “other side” he can be absolutely invaluable in determining “what” or “who” is in your space. Once you know “who” is there and “why” they are there you can then determine your next course of action. You can either make rules for your “spiritual roommates” or Scott can perform an exorcism and remove the entity from your space as he helps the entity to makes its own transition.

A General Reading may consist of any or all of the above or something completely different. As each person's experience is unique, as what each of us need is individual, a General Reading can come from any angle. For a General Reading, Scott "tunes in" to your energy and "sees what comes through". During a General Reading he will receive information from your Higher Self, Guides, or Crossed Over loved ones. Most times, after a few moments of a reading, the experience takes on a life of its own!

Life Coaching:
There are many times in life when we need a Life Coach to help us in the creation of the life that we want to live. Scott has incredible expertise in helping people to visualize their goals and set up a step by step plan to accomplish those goals. The info that you get will be Spirit Based & Experience Based. You can bet that if you have a goal, Scott and his Guides will create a plan to help you achieve it. Scott has a tediously successful business background with a proven track record. So this service can be instrumental for your business as well as personal lives!