10.21.2009: The Adoption of Scott Christiansen by Robert Gabriel

Melbourne, FL -- Scott Christiansen was adopted by Robert B. Gabriel Jr. “Papa Gabe” has been Scott’s stepfather for the past 7 years. Scott was very honored when Papa asked if he would be consider being legally adopted. Scott is blessed to have a “Father” (Robert Hall), a “Dad” (Lonnie Christiansen) and a “Papa” in Robert Gabriel. Scott and his Papa have developed a wonderful relationship over the course of the past 7 years. They both look forward to exploring this new evolution of their relationship. Once the legalities are completed, Scott’s new legal name will be Scott Lee Christiansen Gabriel. Although it is uncommon for an adult to become adopted, Scott believes that it is never too late to have new experiences. He is so delighted to have such a wonderful man desire this father role in his life. Papa Gabe loves unconditionally, participates daily, encourages and supports constantly. It is truly a dream come true for them both as Papa has always wanted a son. Wishes do come true!

09.01.2009: Scott & Mary Move From the Black Hills of South Dakota to the Space Coast of Florida

Scott and Mary move from the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota to the Space Coast of Central Florida. After much thought, guidance and prayer, they made the decision to relocate themselves, their businesses and practices over 2,600 miles. They feel as well the move was divinely guided and the timing was picture perfect! Each place is wonderful, yet both have very different energies. Scott and Mary are now exploring and reestablishing themselves in this tropical new environment.

07.03.2009: Scott's Family Grows

Scott Christiansen gets 5 new children. On July 3rd, 2009 when Scott married Mary, he received a wonderful bonus… OK, 5 bonuses… He became a stepfather to 5 incredible children. Although Scott has known the children for 3 years that he and Mary were dating, it is a very different (and monumentally more profound) experience to now have these incredible children as a part of his family. Each person is special and unique, Parker, Trina, Derek, David & Jason. Each one is precious and such a joy to be close to!

07.03.2009: The Wedding of Scott & Mary Christiansen

Roughlock Falls, Spearfish Canyon, SD -- Scott Christiansen and Mary Redford exchange their vows and begin their lives together as husband and wife. Mr. & Mrs. Christiansen start their magical day at the majestic Roughlock Falls in Spearfish Canyon in the incredible Black Hills of South Dakota. The Ceremony was followed by a packed reception at the Masonic Hall in Belle Fourche, SD. To set the fun, family & energies of their new life together, everyone went to the Belle Fourche Carnival after the reception and the day ended with a spectacular fireworks display provided by the city.

03.15.2009: Engagement Party

Riverton, WY -- We want to thank our friends and clients in Riverton, WY for throwing us an incredible Engagement Party at the Holiday Inn’s Banquet Room. Yes, it is official; Scott & Mary are engaged to be married on July 3rd, 2009 at Roughlock Falls in the majestic Spearfish Canyon in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota.

02.01.2008: Appointment to the Business Advisory Council of South Dakota

In February, 2008 Scott was presented with a National Leadership Award by the United States Congress. He was also appointed to the Business Advisory Council of South Dakota and was named Honorary Chairman. Scott was also presented with a Gavel used on the Congressional Floor. This announcement was also followed by a large write up in the New York Times where the Congressional Committee posted all of the recipients of this award and its appointments to the Business Advisory Councils of each State and the subsequent appointments of each Chairperson. Scott is very grateful for this prestigious honor; it speaks very highly of his credibility, expertise and ethics. It is a sign of changing times that US Congress would recognize a psychic / medium / healer, publicly, in this manner.

07.11.2008 - 07.20.2008: United Nations Conference

Montreal, Quebec, Canada -- The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences Conference. Reconnecting Heaven & Earth in Spirit, Space & the Human Psyche. A 10 day conference on Spirituality & Ethics.

07.07.2007: Alternative Therapies Clinic Opening

   Scott Christiansen & Mary Leigh opened their first Alternative Therapies Clinic in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. Alternative Therapies is a division of Connect, LLC and is located at 919 Main St. Ste. 102, Rapid City, SD 57701. You can contact Alternative Therapies at 605.210.2006 to schedule your appointment.

   Many people today find themselves frustrated with more traditional therapies. Western Medicine seems to be dependent on selling pharmaceutical drugs and chemicals. This can be very costly and the side effects can some times out weigh the benefits. Also, they tend to treat the symptoms, not the cause.

   Alternative Therapies combines the best, most effective treatments available today. We use these tools holistically to treat your whole being, mind, body and spirit. The use of these revolutionary tools, used together, have produced astounding results for our clients.

   We offer the ION Body Cleanse which removes the toxins from every system of the body. Also, Low Level Laser Treatments have been shown to cure over 200 diseases. The LLLT has also been shown to not only remove the disease, but also erases the genetic memory of it. We also offer IMULUX, which is the first clinically proven cure for all forms of the Herpes virus (it is now in its 3rd stage of FDA Testing). We also offer Energy Cleanse and Energy Balance Treatments. This removes negative energy and balances and restores your own natural energy flow as the Energy Meridians are also reconnected through this treatment. Alternative Therapies is also proud to offer Mary Leigh’s Hypnotherapy to reprogram the subconscious mind. We are also proud to offer the psychic guidance and healing that comes through Scott Christiansen.

   You may want to plan a trip to the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and experience these treatments for yourself. It continues to be a life changing experience for our clients. It can be for you as well!


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