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Psychic Medium / Healer / Author
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This is the space where the Metaphysical Practitioners will tell you a bit about themselves and how they can be of service to you. My information is available on the “About Scott” and the “Readings” page of this website. I am happy to be of service to you however I can.

Mary Christiansen Gabriel, CHT

Certified Hypnotherapist
Co-Founder of Alternative Therapies
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Certified from the world renowned Hypnotherapy Training Institute in San Francisco, Mary has traveled the states working and sharing her gifts, and adding to her expertise.  She is an incredibly effective hypnotherapist.  She is able to reprogram the subconscious almost effortlessly.  Using many metaphysical and psychological tools in her practice to get to the core of what ever issue is important to you.  She continues helping many reach and live their ultimate dreams.  Mary works with all ages on a variety of areas.  Through Hypnotherapy, she has helped her weight loss clients to lose a pound a day safely and easily. Her financial clients have progressed from $500.00 per month to an astounding $10,000.00 per month income. Mary’s clients who use hypnotherapy to overcome addiction have reported to have smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years and quit smoking without withdrawal symptoms. She has also watched the removal or reversal of serious disease in numerous other clients. Hypnotherapy with Mary is equally as effective weather your session is in person or over the phone.

Notes from Scott: “Mary is the most gifted hypnotherapist that I have had the privilege to work with. I have toured the country with Mary and have seen, first hand, through the multitudes of her clients, life changing sessions. Mary has a wonderful intuition, which combined with hundreds of hours of training, directs her clients to the heart of their issues. Then she allows the client’s subconscious mind to communicate volumes (about its past programs) with the use of simple pictures that it creates in the mind. She then empowers her clients to simply change the pictures that they see. It is so powerful that many of her clients are amazed at how different they feel, how much differently they perceive themselves and their circumstances and what an incredible overall change has been made in their worlds regardless of which area of their lives they chose to work on during their session. After my session with Mary, I literally felt something shifting within me. I had put on some holiday pounds and worked on re-programming my own body weight. Within the first month I have already lost three notches on my belt. My overall experience with Mary was fun, easy and powerful. Mary can help you with whatever is important to you as well. The power of the subconscious mind (and its base programs) are just now being studied and understood. Mary and her expertise in Hypnotherapy can help  you to reprogram your subconscious mind (which will have incredible results) in your reality as well!”    ~Scott

Nicki Hall

Psychic Medium / Tarot Reader / Healer / Life Councilor
Nicki Hall Consulting
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I've been studying metaphysics for many years in my quest to help myself and others understand why we are here and just what to do with that information. Mostly to understand we are here to be in service to our fellow man along with our own quest. This search led to reading tarot, using my psychic abilities to gain information from the other side and drawing from my vast life experience to help people cope in today's world. I help people understand their own behavior patterns and how their actions affect the lives of those around them. I'm a very good cheer leader for those honestly and earnestly on their path with unconditional respect for them and their life situations. I challenge people to think for themselves and not be led blindly by the current buzz words and theories. We're all in this together and I very much would like to be of service to you.

Notes from Scott:“Nicki Hall is my Mentor. She is the person who taught me the majority of my own Metaphysical understandings. If you need a teacher to unlock your gifts, I can think of no one better. As a Psychic, the information that comes through Nicki is quick, accurate, informative and authentic. I have worked with Nicki for well over 12 years. I can tell you first hand that she lives her belief system. She provides a very “down to earth”, no nonsense, “call it like it is” reading. I would recommend that anyone who is truly looking for guidance and has the desire to work through life’s issues call Nicki and be prepared for all that comes through.” ~Scott


Psychic – Rune Readings
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I have tried many different tools in my studies of Metaphysics, but I was drawn to the Runes. After meeting Nicki, who is also my mentor, and then meeting Scott, we discovered why I was drawn to the Runes. Larz, my guide, is a Viking. He helped me find my way to the Runes and let my empathic abilities take it from there. I work with a beautiful deck of Rune Cards. I usually do a three card spread, but have been known to do larger spreads. Not only can I do the usual three spread, (overall situation, challenge or obstacle, course of action) I can also work with more emotional or health issues with a three Rune spread (mind, body and spirit). I look forward to helping you on your journey as no doubt you will help me on mine.

Notes from Scott: “Bekkah is not only my very close person friend, but also my Soul-Mate. She uses her Rune Cards to gain messages and insights from the “other side”. Bekkah is also an Empath and truly “feels” the people she works with. Bekkah delivers a very caring message with a gentle touch. I would recommend that anyone who is seeking guidance and enjoys a thoughtful, caring delivery of that message call Bekkah and schedule a Reading.” ~Scott

Cynthia Sue Larson

MBA / Author / Intuitive / Spiritual Life Coach
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Cynthia Sue Larson is author of books including Aura Advantage: How the Colors in Your Aura Can Help You Attain What You Desire and Attract Success, and creator of the Aura Healing Meditations CD. Cynthia is a spiritual life coach who helps people transform from accidental manifestors into conscious reality shifters. Her popular ezine, RealityShifters News, is eagerly awaited each month by more than 4,000 people world-wide. Cynthia's background and interest in physics, psychology, and spirituality combine to give her a unique sensitivity and awareness of metaphysical phenomena. She excels at making complex concepts easy to understand and personally meaningful to those seeking new ways to transform their lives.

Notes from Scott:“Cynthia and I have appeared on many of the same Talk Shows as regular guests. Through a Divine Appointment, through Spirit, I was able to get my own personal reading from Cynthia (you can too). She began our Reading with messages from Spirit (my Higher , mid and Lower Selves). I can validate the vast majority of the information that came through during that part of our time together. There was part of a message from my Lower Self that did not make sense initially. However, as we explored the message more intently and Cynthia “Tuned in” to get additional insights, that message made sense as well. The Reading continued with Cynthia exploring my Charkas and explaining what she saw and felt from those energy fields. When we had completed that, she asked if I had any questions for which I was seeking guidance. From there she gained valuable insights regarding my career, the sale of my computer store & my relationship & romantic future. I found Cynthia a caring, ethical, honest and gifted intuitive practitioner. After we shared time and the experience and I got a feel for her energy and intent, I count Cynthia as a personal friend. If you seek guidance in your own life or desire a talented psychic and life coach I would personally recommend Cynthia Sue Larsen and believe that you time with her will be well spent and as enjoyable and informative as mine was.” ~Scott

Rev. Vikki Anderson

Intuitive Councelor / Author / Ordained Minister
Libraland Consulting, Inc.
Phone: 973.492.3110
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As a metaphysician and astrologer for the past 30+ years, Vikki has a solid background in spiritual and holistic health. She is a certified hypnotherapist, crystal therapist, an interfaith minister, TAROT reader and a frequently asked for presenter. She provides personal TAROT and astrological readings, teaches adult education classes in both subjects, and is a frequent exhibitor at holistic, Spiritual and Metaphysical expositions. Totally Tarot: How To Be A Tarot Detective is Vikki's first book. Her current project, Totally Tarot Two: Your Karmic Lessons, should be done by the spring of 2006. She is also working on two different tarot decks with books so much of her time is taken up by writing and consultations.

Notes from Scott: “I believe that Vikki is one of the best Astrologers in the country. I am proud to have here Astrological Horoscopes posted on my own website for all of you. That in itself gives you a clue as to my confidence in this woman’s abilities and work. I am in the process of reading Vikki’s book and would recommend that everyone who is interested in Tarot should go to her website and order themselves a copy of this book, Totally Tarot. If you would like an Astrological or Tarot Reading that is accurate, authentic and full of good insights I would personally recommend calling Vikki or going onto her website and scheduling a reading for yourself.” ~Scott

Joyce Keller

Psychic Meduim / Astrologer / Author / Radio Host / Media Personality
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Joyce Keller is an Internationally known Psychic Medium and Astrologer. She is also a very talented author of 6 best selling books. Joyce is Lifetime TV’s resident “Psychic Guru” for the past 10 years ( She is also a frequent guest on major TV Shows such as Oprah, Regis, Entertainment Tonight and many others. Joyce Keller also host the longest running live Mind / Body / Spirit / Psychic Radio Show, the Joyce Keller Show. The show has been running for 18 years and airs on 1240 WGBB out of NYC every Wednesday Night at 11 PM (EST). You can also listen to the show around the world through the internet at Joyce does Free On-Air Readings with the Psychic Guests of her show. If you have a question and would like Joyce to help, just tune into the show and call in to be a part of the excitement.

Notes from Scott: “Joyce is a close person friend of mine as well as one of the best Psychics in America. Her success and fame is well deserved. I continue to be a guest on the Joyce Keller Show as well as a listener. While on-air, Joyce and I both tune in and deliver a joint reading to the caller. I really enjoy working with Joyce and appreciate her Intuition as well as her thoughtful delivery of the information that she gets. I invite you to listen weekly to Joyce’s Show. I also encourage you to call into the show and see what guidance Joyce and her talented guest have for you!” ~Scott

Agnes J. Thomas, Ph.D.

Pet Truth Productions, Inc.
Phone: 440.838.0911
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Agnes Thomas obtained her Ph.D. in physiological psychology from Case Western Reserve University and has worked as a counselor for mentally handicapped and brain damaged individuals. She has 25 years' experience in non-invasive research with animals and is known internationally for her work on the development of the respiratory control system. Agnes has been communicating with animals since 1992 and is well respected internationally for her work. She is the author of "Pets Tell The Truth: A mystical journey into the animal mind," published by Garnett Publishing. Her book describes the differences between the animal and human mind, and gives the science that explains telepathy and all metaphysics.

Notes from Scott:“Agnes is a top notch animal communicator. I have worked with several “Pet Psychics” in the past. However, Agnes’s gift, ability and the caring way that she conveys the information is top notch in my book. She tuned into my English Bulldog, Otis. Within minutes she had given a very accurate reading of a current ailment. Otis also communicated through Agnes several things that only Otis would know, as he has been my little four legged child since he was able to come home from the breeder at 10 weeks. Dr. Thomas comes very highly recommended by many close friends and now by me as well. If you are as close to your pet as I am and would like some insight and guidance coming from them through a talented Animal Communicator, give Agnes a call and get an appointment. I just started reading her Book and would recommend it for anyone who would like to truly understand their fury family members in a more complete way.” ~Scott

Monique Chapman

Intuitive Transformation Consultant / Clinical Hypnotherapist / Transformational Speaker
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My goal is to promote peace of mind, inspiration, and to help you connect with your truth. The result empowers you to listen deeply to your guidance. All clairvoyant consultation messages are given with the highest good intended. My loving, compassionate approach creates magic and inspires emotional healing thus enabling my clients to reach a higher path of consciousness and awareness through metaphysical knowledge. For over 25 years, I have confirmed my reputation as one of the nation’s most ethical Intuitive Consultants. As an intuitive consultant, I have helped thousands of people from stay at home parents to corporate executives realize their dreams. Due to my success in the personal and business growth arena, my expertise has attracted some of the most powerful names in the entertainment, professional, and political worlds, among other individuals who have recognized and trust my practical and specific guidance with life's issues regarding business decisions, spiritual growth, relationships, career, finances, and travel plans. Utilizing my gifts I simultaneously am in touch with the past, present and future eliminating static and paving the way for clarity. For more information visit or call 888 240-6057

Notes from Scott:“I was very impressed with Monique Chapman even before we were able to work together or even spent much time getting to know one another. When I first spoke with Monique over the phone her honesty, sincerity and ethics resounded through her choice of words. As I tuned into Monique’s energy as I read for her, my guides confirmed my initial thoughts about her character and her level of ability. As Monique read for me she confirmed it for me on another level. Her guidance was straight forward, accurate and validatable. She conveyed the messages that she was getting with clarity. She told me what she saw, heard and experienced, not what she thought that I wanted to hear. She did not fish for information from me. She simply told me what guidance was sharing with her. I remain as impressed now as I was in the begging with Monique and her abilities and delivery of information. I highly recommend her to you!” ~Scott

Forest Williams

Phone: 786-859-1451

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Forest is dedicated to the work of spirit which she offers as a webdesigner and webmaster of spiritually oriented websites

Notes from Scott: Forest is the webmaster for this website, Anyone who has designed their own website knows that it is a labor of love. It is very dear to you. It is representative of how the rest of the world will see you. I trusted my own website to Forest. There is no stronger testimonial than that. If you like this website, thank Forest. If you want your own website, Email Forest. If you have an existing website, as I did, and need a professional, experienced and caring webmaster. Forest is fast, reliable, knowledgeable and very skilled. he also offers his high end services at an extremely affordable price. If you want a great website or if you want to improve your existing website, give Forest a call or an e-mail. You will be glad that you did… I know for certain that I am!” ~Scott