It is Scott's goal to help as many people as possible. Scott offers two ways to get a FREE READING. Just sign up for Scott's Mailing List and he will draw for 1 FREE Mini Reading each month. Scott also does a lot of FREE On-Air Readings with many radio shows. Just check the Schedule Page of his website to see where Scott is on the Radio next, follow the link to the Host's Website and call in to get a Free On-Air Reading by Scott. Scott has worked On-Air with many of the greatest radios shows and hosts in the country such as: Shirley MacLaine, Rob McConnell, Bernie Siegel, MD, Alex Merklinger, Joyce Keller, Bob Keeton, James Arthur Jancik, Dr. Jimmy Lowery, Mary Jane Popp, Mary Sutherland, Joshua Warren, Monique Chapman, Tom LaRontonda, Tina Steele, Kathryn Morrow, Scott Lambert, Nicole Whitney, Colby McFadden and many other talented Talk Show Hosts as well as numerous Metaphysical & Spiritual Websites, Web-zines & Magazines. Join Scott on the radio to get your own FREE READING!


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