“Amber Alert…”

I was recently in Riverton, Wyoming conducting a Spirit Gallery and Private Readings the following week. The Gallery was on Tuesday evening. When I arrived to begin Private Readings on Wednesday morning I was greeted by a woman who had attended the Gallery the night before. She informed me that her niece Grace and Grace’s three small children had been missing since Sunday afternoon. She informed me that an Amber Alert had been issued and asked if I could help. I assured her that I would help however I could. I postponed my scheduled appointments and tuned in. I told her that all four people were alive and alright. I told her that there had been vehicle difficulties and they were stranded. I then drew a map that showed where the four were. I explained that the place they found themselves in a place that the road ended. It was a remote location with mountains on one side and a canyon then valley plateau on the other side. Although we were in Riverton, Wyoming I felt as though the 4 peope were near Sheridan, Wyoming, about 260 miles away. I then assured her that the four would be found, all alive later that afternoon or the following afternoon. She took the map, the info that came through and the hope and left to go and talk to the authorities, her family and to continue the search based upon the map. The next day she arrived back at the place where I was doing the Private Readings. She informed me that it was already the afternoon on the second day and the four were not yet found. At this point I was fatigued because I was somewhat overbooked while in Wyoming and had done over 140 Readings in a week’s time and I was crashing hard. However, within an hour of her showing up, while she was still in the building with me, her cell phone range and the four were found, all alive, near Sheridan, the vehicle had broken down, they were on an old hunting trail where the road had ended trying to get back to town. They had found an old hunting cabin for shelter and had been melting snow for water. They were all alive and OK. It was truly a miracle to be a part of!

“Lost Child Found...”

The phone at my office rang one evening. A client on the line was very excited. She said that although she normally called to schedule an appointment, that this was an emergency. She said that she had just seen her grandson on the news and he was declared missing. I told her that I would tune in and call he right back. About ten minutes later I called her back. I told her that her grandson was safe and OK. I told her that her grandson with a “J” was with a friend with a badge who was also a “J”. I continued that he was also found on a street with a “J” and that he was not aware that he was missing or lost. I asked her to call the police station to confirm and to call me back. Moments later she called me back with tears in her voice. She said, “Scott, thank you so much. Our grandson Jackson is at the police station. He is with Officer Justin. He was found on Jupiter Street and was confused because he did not know that he was missing or lost.”

“Ghost Removal…”

A family in Tampa, Florida had purchased a house 3 years ago. Within 6 months of living in the house the family was terrorized by a ghost inhabiting the house. These people had been skeptics of anything supernatural or paranormal. They had contacted every church, spiritualist and shaman that they could actively searching for help. Finding none, they physically moved out of their own house and rented another house several miles away. They were now torn because they could not in good conscience rent the house or sell it knowing what they had encountered within the walls. The contacted the South Florida Ghost Hunting Team who had visited the house and documented the past events. Shaun, the team’s founder, contacted me and asked if I could help. Soon I found myself in Florida at the family’s house. The team had equipment strategically placed throughout the house. Then the film crew from the Fox TV show “Waves” arrived and interviewed the family, the team and me. I was kept isolated so that I would have no knowledge of the past events that had taken place in the house. I considered my goal of being there three fold. First, I wanted to tune in and validate for the family the events that had taken place in the house so that they would know that they were simply not crazy. Second, I wanted to help the SFGT to get documentation of the ghost with their instruments. Third, I needed to exercise the ghost so the family could reclaim their house and their lives. Of the 15 documented things the ghost had done in the house and to the family I picked up on 13 of them confirming for the family that the events had really happened. I had been told nothing, all of the information that I had came to me through psychic intuition. The SFGT and I did indeed get a ton of recorded data during the event. The film crew did also film a tremendous amount of footage that would later make a wonderful television show.

Here is a brief synopsis of the events… The old man who had owned the house, a tall thin Hispanic man, had gotten sick and died. However, he did not realize that he was dead. After his death the house remained vacant for three years unit it was purchased by the family. When the family moved in, the man, not realizing that he was dead, was outraged that these people were moving into his house and ignoring him completely. Some of the things the man had done to the family that I picked up on and the family and the SFGT confirmed were astonishing. The man had tried to drown the young boy in the bathtub. In fact it took the full strength of the dad and mom to pry the youngest boy from the bottom of the tub, under the bath water. On another occasion, when the teenage son was showing his parents something on his computer, the man threw a telephone from across the room through the side of the computer so hard that it flew through the dies and wedged itself into the motherboard, destroying the machine. The family all ran out of the room. When they returned to the room, a few moments later, every cord and wire in the entire room had been tangled into a huge ball. In the sitting room, where the man used to sit in his favorite char and watch television, the man would sexually violate any person who sat down in a chair in that room. When I arrived and tuned into these and other events the ghost tried to bargain with me. Then he tried to hide. Finally he was convinced that he was indeed dead and I helped him to make his transition to the other side freeing him and the family. It was an incredible experience for everyone involved.


It was midday. I was answering e-mails in between clients when the phone rang. A woman, at her whit’s end, was on the other end of the line. She asked when my soonest available appointment was. I pulled up my schedule on the computer. My soonest appointment at that time was about 3 weeks out. The words that fell out of my mouth however were, “I’ll be right there. How do I get to you?” She informed me that she was over 250 miles away. I immediately jumped in my car and drove to her house at that moment. Several hours later I arrived at her house. As I entered the house I did not see her 8 year old, blonde, daughter. The energy that I saw and felt where the girl was standing put every hair on my body on end. I asked the Mom to lay the girl down and to hold her feet for me and to pray. I placed my hands on her chest and began to cast out the demonic presence. The girls body began to writhe almost in pain. Sounds and screams that came from her mouth I simply did not even know were humanly possible. The demon in control of her body began to try to remove my hands from the host body. She began to scratch at my forearms removing my skin. My hand however did not move and the exorcism continued. Finally I could literally see the demon leave her body. At that exact moment, I saw her chest heave a huge exhaling breath. Then the girl’s body went completely limp. As I opened my eyes and looked down I finally saw the little girl and not the foreign energy. She opened her eyes and said, “Thank you, it is gone now.” She then fell straight into a very deep and needed peaceful sleep. I get periodic updates from the mother and they demon has never returned and the behaviors that it manifested within the child have also not come back since the exorcism.

“Milo’s Ankle…”

A close friend of mine considers her horse to be her child just as I consider my English Bulldog my child (as I have no kids of my own). Her horse, Milo, had broken his ankle and it had not healed quite right. Although there ankle had healed some, there was still a tremendous amount of swelling in the area. My friend asked if I could help. I drove out to her arena. I met Milo, in person, for the first time. Within minutes of tuning in and placing my hands on Milo I could feel heat emanating from my hands as I could feel God’s healing energy shooting through my hands and into the horse’s body. As the process continued, Milo became so relaxed that he had a difficult time keeping his eyes open. Much like a tired child fighting sleep, his eyes would close, his head would bob downward and just as he would begin to drift off to sleep he would snap back into consciousness, although he remained very relaxed. Within minutes the swelling had already gone down and additional healing and swelling removal continued.

“Deflating Eyeball…”

A client called, who I had helped in the past with incredible results, stemming from hands on healing. She said that a friend of hers was in a desperate state. She asked if there was anyway that she could bring her friend by my office that day. I told her that I would make time as it seemed like an emergency. Within a few hours she arrived at my office. She said that her friend had a shoot of straw pierce its eyeball. She had taken her friend to the vet who had pumped the eye full of a saline solution so that it would not deflate and it would heal. They had done this procedure in the past with an amazing result rate. However, it had been done twice to her friend and they eye continued to deflate. She pointed out my front door and said that her friend was outside. I went outside with her to discover that her friend was in fact a horse. I tuned into the horse’s unique energy and could feel the healing energy pulsing through my body and into the body of the horse. Within days the horse’s eye had healed 100%. It was truly an amazing event to have the privilege to be a part of.

“I’m my own Grandpa…”

A close client and friend had been working hard to develop her own spiritual gifts and understandings. She was really growing by leaps and bounds. Her husband, on the other hand, believed that everything metaphysical was a bunch of “mumbo jumbo” and served absolutely no purpose what so ever. Through an odd “bet” on their end he reluctantly came into the office for a reading. He was a pretty stout, serious, skeptical, no nonsense kind of fellow. He walked into my office sat down on the couch, promptly crossed his arms, gave me a stern and unfriendly gaze as he stated, “well get it over with, I lost a bet with my wife, so I guess I have to have a reading now.” This was not at all an ideal situation for me. I asked him what type of reading he was looking for. He replied, “Well I don’t believe in it, so let’s do a Past Life Regression.” I thought, “Oh boy, this aught to be fun.” Much to my surprise once the Regression began, he was actually very receptive and did not deny what he was seeing and experiencing. As we walked back into the lifetime that was most directly affecting his current life we were both caught off guard with what he experienced. He described his life as an immigrant worker living in a small east coast apartment. When he began to describe his wife he stopped, shuddered and exclaimed, “that is my grandmother.” As we proceeded through that life time we watched his kids enter this world and they were of course, his father, aunts and uncles. He knew almost nothing of his grandfather as his father would not talk about his dad. They apparently had a strained relationship with many unsolved dynamics, which had, of course, poured through into this lifetime and their current relationship dynamics. He saw the choices that he had made in that lifetime. He understood why he left the docks and joined the military. He could describe everything down to the smallest detail. Once he began his military career, and moved his family out of their small one room apartment into military housing, he boarded a ship bound for the front lines of WWI. While on the boat everything went black. When we stepped outside of that situation we saw the boat get bombed on its way across the ocean. We then saw how that affected the lives of his wife and kids of that lifetime and his grandmother, his dad and his dad’s siblings. Needless to say, when we got done we both sat in absolute awe at what has just transpired. This big, burly man looked across at me with tears of joy and profound understanding in his eyes. He said, “Wow, that was incredible. I used to think this stuff was just mumbo jumbo. Now I can see just how important it is and how it carries over into every aspect of a person’s life. I think that I owe my wife an apology.” He then shook my hand and went home to his wife to share his experience with her.

“Disapearing Bone”

While doing a group reading, I tuned into many people, would answer their questions and gain guidance for them from the other side. When I tuned into this one woman in particular, my right leg started to pulse with pain. I asked the woman if she had a tremendous amount of pain in that leg and what the story was. She informed me that he had polio and that leg had been broken and put back together many times. She further explained that they were no longer willing to do any surgeries to that leg because whatever they fixed cause something else to break. The pulled her left pant leg up to expose her ankle to the rest of us where we could physically see a bone protruding out about and inch and a quarter. It looked painful to say the least. I asked if I could help her with this. She delightedly accepted my offer. I went to the back of the room where she was sitting and then noticed the cane that she had propped against the table. This just confirmed what I felt and what she had just said regarding the severity of her situation. I knelt down and placed my hands hovering over her ankle. I then plugged myself into the creator’s energy and could feel it flowing through me much like a jumper cable. The woman made a comment about how hot my hands had become. She described it as feeling like two heating pad turned on the highest setting. This lasted for about 10 minutes. I then stood up, asked her how she felt and asked her to stand up and put some weight on it. As she did, she exclaimed that there was no pain as she began walking at a brisk pace up and down the isles. In the front row another woman had brought her husband who was a self proclaimed skeptic. He said to the group that’s great, but what about that bone that was sticking out of her ankle? The woman who had just experienced the healing replied that she didn’t know and once again lifted up her right pant leg. We all stood in awe of the Divine as there was physically no longer a bone protruding out of her right leg. It was simply no longer there, nor was the pain that it had caused.

“Ghost Hunt – Octagon House, Wisconsin
(Part One – Roy)”

After giving a keynote address at the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Investigators annual conference I was asked to join the team on an investigation. When I arrived at the location I knew nothing about the house, the history, the owners or any events that had taken place inside the house. It, coincidently, happened to be on Halloween. The team had already set up their equipment as did the local radio station who was covering the event from a live broadcast. They just said, “go see what you pick up and then come back here and we’ll get you on the air so you can tell everyone.” Well, no pressure… So I began to walk through the house built in the shape of an octagon. While in the basement, actually in a small hidden hallway between the basement and the carriage house, I encountered the spirit of an eight year old boy, Roy. Roy told me that he was a run-away slave. He told me that he had to wait out by the river until they signaled that it was safe for him to venture to the house. He showed me a picture in my mind of a door with different colors of stained glass panels. He told me that when the candle was placed behind one color of glass is was safe, another color meant to be cautious, and the other color meant that it was not safe and to stay where he was. When I asked him what he was going in Wisconsin, he said that he was going to freedom. In my mind that meant the Underground railroad. I thanked Roy and headed back upstairs to awaiting radio talk show host. Although I felt very silly being in Wisconsin and talking about run away slaves and the Underground Railroad, I had to take Roy at his word. The host and the homeowner both stood in awe as I conveyed the information. They validated that the house was built especially for that purpose. They then pointed to the front door with stained glass panels and informed me that it used to be on the back of the house and was created especially for the purpose that Roy had described. The homeowner continued by telling me that although now there is no river that runs through the back yard, that earlier in the century the river changed course and prior to that it did in fact run right through the back yard. The Paranormal Investigators then set up their equipment in that space. They monitored it for quite some time yet their instruments sowed nothing irregular. They then invited me down into the space and asked me to communicate with Roy. They asked me to ask Roy to “move” or to say something, or to do something that they could use to document his existence. Roy was hiding behind the staircase in the basement. He said that he was a little uneasy about a room full of white people asking him to come out from his hiding spot behind the stairs. After a while Roy began to trust me. I was kneeling behind the camera and asked Roy to come out and give me a “hi five” Roy agreed, but said that he moves really fast. Here is what the video camera caught on film at the exact time that I saw Roy come over and give me a hi five. It was amazing to me that as I was communicating with the “ghost” of Roy that the homeowners and history backed up everything that he shared with me and that the instrumentation of the Paranormal Investigators confirmed his presence, location and action to be exactly what I had described at the moment I saw it happening.

“Ghost Hunt – Octagon House, Wisconsin
(Part Two – Jeb)”

While at the Octagon House in Wisconsin I found myself in an upstairs room. By this time there were a few other people following me (Paranormal Investigators, Radio People & Home Owners). I almost walked into a wall. I looked astonished as I realized there was a wall even there. Felling a little foolish I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. Of course, everyone had noticed. One of the home owners looked at me and asked what was wrong. I told them that I wanted to be on the other side of this wall. Then I thought of how ridiculous that was as we were on the second story. The home owner just smiled and said, “well you found the other hot spot.” They then showed me an opening into another secret room used to hide run away slaves. I entered the room and met Jeb. He was a tall, skinny African American man. He told me that he was once running as well. But he felt at home here and decided to stay to help others seeking freedom. A little while later I returned to the secret room with 2 investigators, the radio talk show host and a bunch of equipment for recording EVP’s. The investigators asked Jeb a series of questions hoping to get his responses on their equipment. When they were done they asked me if I had heard anything. I replied that I heard Jeb respond to each of their questions. They then asked all of their questions again as I would repeat his answers to each question. When we were done with that exercise, one of the lead investigators asked Jeb to “touch” her. She said that she wanted to hell him, that she wanted to experience physical proof that he was really there. Jeb’s response was. “No, I am not going to touch you because you are not going to feel it anyway.” The investigator then prompted Jeb that she was a professional and would feel it if he touched her. Jeb then said, “But you didn’t feel it when I touched your ear 5 minutes ago.” The investigator then screamed and ran out of the room. When she composed herself and returned to the room she noted that 5 minutes earlier she felt something tickling her ear and that it felt much like walking though a spider web. Here are some EMF Readings from that room around that time frame.

“Run Away Dog”

My close friend and Mentor, Nicki Hall called me hysterically. He little “rat terrier” Matty had bolted out the front door as someone entered. The back yard where Matty is supposed to go is all fenced in. However, the front yard is several acres big and the surrounding area is sparsely populated. So when Matty gets out the front door se has tons of room to roam. This makes catching the fast terrier very difficult if you are even able to find her at all. This of course is a great cause for concern on the part of her mamma Nicki. Nicki and the rest of the search party had been our scouring the countryside for quite some time with no luck. So, Nicki called, and asked for help. From 200 miles away, I tuned into Matty, looked through her eyes and saw just where she was. With Nicki on the phone I asked her stop looking for the dog and instead to go into the kitchen and make gravy. She, momentarily, thought that I had just gone crazy. I remembered that as a special treat Matty would get to lick the gravy off of a plate occasionally if she were a very good dog on a day that a meal involving gravy was served. Then told Nicki that Matty would be home inside on one half hour and she would be at her front door begging to be let in. I then hung up with Nicki and tuned back into Matty, telling her that fresh hot gravy plates were waiting for her on the kitchen floor. I implanted that image into the small terrier’s mind. The next thing I new my phone rang. It was an overjoyed Nicki with tears in her voice shouting, “Eight Minutes” over and over. You guessed it, eight minutes after I told Matty there were gravy plates waiting for her she ran home, begged at the front door to be let in and ran straight to the kitchen.

“Turkey Jell-O…”

During a Gallery I connected with a woman in the Galley's brother. He first began by sharing many childhood experiences that they had enjoyed together. She was able to validate them all. Then he told her not to be sad because he will still with her and came to visit quite often. He then said, "Sis, I was at your house over Thanksgiving." The next picture that he shared with me was a beautiful golden turkey. The strange part was what he showed me next. He showed the turkey being cut like a Jell-o. I was hesitant to share this visual because it seemed so outrageous and did not make sense to me. So I asked her brother if he wanted me to share the info with the group. He nodded yes. So, I then shared the visual of the turkey cutting like Jell-o and the lady exclaimed, "Then he really was there because I am a vegetarian and this year I made my very first To-Fu turkey and yes it looks just like the real thing but it does slice much like a Jell-o.

“I don’t have, nor have I ever had a daughter…”

I was hired by the Silverado Hotel to do readings for their High Rollers. This big guy and his new wife stepped in for a reading. He started things off by saying, "OK, read me." I closed my eyes, tuned into his energy and we were off. The first thing that I saw was this little blonde girl who said, "Tell my Dad I'm alright." So I did as instructed. The man responded with, "I don't have a daughter." To which I kindly replied, "Well, not anymore because I am talking to her." He said, "I do not now, nor have I ever had a daughter!" I closed my eyes and tuned in again only to see the same little blonde girl with the same message. So I repeated it to the imposing man. He then stood up quickly, in disgust and yelled, "What kind of Fruit Loop are you, don't you think a man would know if he'd had a daughter?" To which I replied, "Sir, I sure do." As he was making his hasty exit I tuned back into the little girl and said, "If you have something to say, you'd better be quick about it, because your Dad is on his way out the door." What fell out of my mouth next was, "Sir, before you leave if this is not your daughter then underneath your shirt is not a cross, in fact a Celtic cross. The cross was originally a key chain which she sent you when you were in Vietnam. Then you had it made into a necklace because it was so important to you because your daughter gave it to you and she had died before you returned home." There was silence. The large man turned and dropped to his knees and said, "Oh my God!" as he opened his shirt to reveal the Celtic cross on the neck chain. "I did have a daughter. I have post traumatic stress disorder after Nam and there are about 10 years of my life that I don't remember. Oh my God, I do have a daughter. Is she OK?" He seated himself again and the reading continued.

“Eye Growth”

There was a young woman who contacted me while she was visiting home during spring break from college. When we met I immediately noticed that one eye was only 25% its normal size. I asked if this is why she had wanted to see me. To which she replied, "Yes." She had been receiving treatments at the MAYO Institute for the past 5 years to correct the problem without success. After going through the preliminaries of asking her about the eye and making sure she had learned whatever she needed to from the experience and was ready to let go, I then asked her guides if I could help and they also agreed, "Yes." I tuned in and channeled God's miraculous healing energy into her body.

I then borrowed my own medical guides "eyes" to tell her what was wrong and metaphorically what I saw that was being done to correct the problem. This experience lasted for about an hour and a half. When we got done, she thanked me for everything and left my office. What I learned days later was, when she left my office she went almost directly to her childhood eye doctor's office for a scheduled checkup. He sat her in his char and photographed her eyes. Then he proceeded to take out her existing file from 5 years back. He compared the photos and exclaimed, "The MAYO has done wonderful things for you. Look here. That eye is 2/3 bigger now than it was last time I'd seen you. You must be very happy." She replied to him, "But Doc, you haven't seen my file, just two weeks old from the MAYO." He then said, "Child, I don't have to, these results speak for themselves." At that time she pulled out her file from the MAYO and laid it on the table next to the other files. Upon comparison, the eye pictured just two weeks prior was exactly the same size as the one in his existing file from 5 years earlier. He looked in amazement and said "My God child that growth is incredible, and in only 2 weeks? What have you done?" She, not knowing what to say and feeling a bit uncomfortable, simply said, "Ummmmm nothing" and ran from his office.

“Moving to Denver?”

A woman was seated across from me at a Psychic Fair in South Dakota. She looked throughout the list of "Scott's Gifts" and still did not know where she wanted to begin. So, all she said was, "Well just see what advice the other side has for me." I closed my eyes and tuned into her energy. The like a bolt of lightning it hit me and this is what came through. "You may consider moving to Denver and taking a new job with a new company. I feel like this may be very soon. However, you are going to need to sell your present home in order to make this transition. The problem occurs once you get to Denver, start the new job and they are only able to pay you 1/3 to ½ of what they had promised. I also believe that they will be out of business within six months. If that happens, you will be in a really tight spot, because you will not be able to afford to live there, nor will you be able to come back here. I believe if you chose to make this move it will ultimately set you back 5 years from where you sit today." Her mouth dropped open and she uttered, "Scott, I went to an interview in Denver 3 weeks ago. I was offered a job there last weekend and I just met with my realtor before coming here. Right now I am really freaked out!" I received an e-mail from her about 4 months later that stated, "After your reading, I was so freaked out that I went home, called the company, turned down the job and called my realtor and took my house off the market. I am attaching a scan of a Denver newspaper clipping that shows that company is now out of business. How can I ever say thanks enough? That reading was worth 1000 times what I had paid for it!"

“Headache of another lifetime…”

The Session started with a woman whom I'd never met before just sitting down across from me. I asked, "How can I help you?" She replied that she had read through the list of "Scott's Gifts" and wanted medical analysis. She continued by skeptically saying, "OK, tell me what's wrong, the medical specialists can't.!" I closed my eyes and tuned in. I began to describe excruciating headaches that seemed to last forever. I described the type of pain, where it hurt and how it felt to her. The next bit of info surprised me when what came through was, "You've had this since you were 32." She was now well into her 40's. She validated everything that I had just said including the length of time she had endured this. She continued by telling me that she had seen every top specialist in the country and had not received an ounce of proof that the headache even existed, or why it was there or how to treat it and live a pain free life once again. So she continued in the reading by asking me to find out. The information that came through next caught us both off guard. Her Higher Self told us that it stemmed from a past life. In that past life she lived in France and at the age of 32 she was decapitated. So, corresponding in this life, at age 32 she really felt as though her head was just not "on right" and the overwhelming headaches began and had not dissipated since. I then regressed her back into that lifetime so that she could see where the problem was rooted and deal with the lessons of that lifetime. Once she had and all of the preliminary work was done, my guides and I reconnected the spiritual or energy pathways across her neck and the headaches went away. I heard from her some time later that the headaches had not returned. She continued, "Ya know, I saw you only as a last resort because I had tried everything else and nothing had worked. Now, in hind sight, I should have sought you out first and save myself tens of thousands of dollars and years of pain."

“Lost Dog…”

I was at my office in the middle of a huge remodeling project. There were power tools, sawdust and workmen everywhere. A previous client showed up at the door and said frantically, "Scott I know you are not taking appointments this week and it is obvious that you are busy, but I need your help." We went outside away from the noise and had a seat on an old bench. I started, "OK, what's wrong and how can I help?" She exclaimed in tears, "I lost my precious little dog and he has been gone now for 3 days and we have never before spent even one night apart. I am so worried about him." She then shared with me the little dogs name and basic description. I closed my eyes and tuned in. I went back into the office and found a scrap piece of paper and a carpenter's pencil and sketched out a map with precise directions. I explained, as the map led out into the countryside, "When you get there you will see a house. Your dog is not at this house, but the woman who lives there has been looking after him." I got a call less than half an hour later exclaiming through tears of joy, "Scott I have him in my arms right how and we are both shaking. I followed your map and directions. It did lead me to the house. When I knocked on the door I felt almost silly asking the woman who answered if she had seen my dog. The woman at the door said, "I am so glad to see you. Yes, I have seen your dog. It has been in my back yard for about 3 days now. It is so scared that it won't approach me or even let me pet it, but, it does seem to eat and drink everything that I put on the back steps."


When doing a group reading you never really know what to expect. I was invited to work with a wonderful group of people in Hill City, SD. When I arrived at a beautiful home nestled up in the beautiful Black Hills I learned that the woman hosting the event was an antiques dealer and her home was wall to wall with antiques. Well, I wasn't in the house long at all before each antique wanted to sell its story. Simultaneously! The voices in my mind from each antique was overwhelming. So we decided to move the event outdoors. I closed my eyes and tuned in. Each of the people in the group began to ask questions to which I would then seek the answers. When I tuned in for the woman hosting the event, I instantly saw a man working on a beautiful old pick up truck. When I asked his name he replied, "Earl." He then continued by sharing the feeling with me that she made him feel very special, by not getting rid of him as she had recently done with so many others. He, also, said that although he was glad that he "made the cut", he also felt very alone and that she hadn't been spending any time with him lately. I conveyed all of that information to the woman. Her reaction took me by surprise. She started laughing hysterically, as did her friends who knew her well. She looked me in the eyes and asked me if I would like to go meet Earl. This is not a normal question a psychic hears. So inquisitively I agreed. We walked back through the house and into the garage. "Meet Earl" she said smiling. There sat the very pickup that I ad just seen. Earl wasn't the guy working on the truck. Earl was the truck. She had just sold over 30 vehicles on E-Bay and "Earl", the classic truck, she just couldn't part with. She did also share that although Earl had not be sold, she also hadn't sat in the driver's seat for over 4 years.

Historic Bullock Hotel
Psychometry Room Readings

Roosevelt Room: “Naked Willie”
As I tuned into the energy of the Roosevelt Room I became acquainted with a spiritual entity named “Willie”. Willie was a prospector in the days of the Gold Rush of Deadwood. I began to hear crickets and running water as Willie told his story of living outdoors, sleeping next to his claim so that no one else would try to rob it while he slept. Eventually Willie did strike it rich. He took the gold he had panned into town and sold it. His reward to himself was to stay in this suite, indoors, in a nice hotel. He was laying in bed wearing only his boots as he waited for a “Lady of the evening” to arrive. There he was almost completely naked, sprawled out on his bed when he heard a knock at the door. He just yelled, “It’s open.” Or something to that effect as he was expecting company. However, it was not a prostitute who entered his room. It was someone who had heard of his good fortune and wanted some of it. They shot Willie while he was still laying on the bed and wearing only his boots. They then helped themselves to his possessions and his newly acquired money. Willie says that he is seen throughout the hotel as a “naked man” or a “naked man wearing only boots”. Willie simply does not want to leave. He worked his whole life to be able to “live” in a place as nice as that suite, so he believes that he earned the right to be there.

Room 213: “Smoking Frank”
The entity that inhabits the 213 room first gives me the feeling that in life he stayed in this room for an extended period of time. He calls it “home”. He liked the fact that the front door to this room was around a corner, so he always knew if someone was coming. He also enjoyed the fact that he had his own exit from this room onto a stairs or balcony. He enjoyed the fact that if someone showed up who he did not want to see that he had an escape route. He also liked having the ability to leave the hotel without going through the main hotel entrance that emptied onto Main Street. He shows me that the room was set up much differently in those days with only one bed. He liked it better with only one bed. His name was Frank. He loved his cigars. He says that he remained fairly quiet in this room until they made it non smoking. He enjoys the scent of smoke. So, he is not very happy about this decision. When he is not in his room he wanders the halls puffing on his cigar. He says that others may have noticed the smell of his cigar smoke. Once they realize the smell, it gets his attention and then “poof” the smell is gone completely.

Room 310: “High End Call Girl”
When we first entered this room there was a very strong scent of perfume. Not only did I smell it, but so did my videographer and the hotel staff member who was escorting us around. We checked with the front desk and the last guest had checked out over 6 hours earlier and the room had been cleaned since then. So we do not believe the perfume smell to be of this world. The energy I pick up on in this room is very feminine. This room fells as though it had two purposes. One, it housed prestigious guests, and two, that when it was not housing a VIP it was used by high end call girls. The kind of woman who’s stature was far beyond a brothel. It feels like this woman or women would service the more discrete and upper class gentlemen of the time.

Room 302: “The Little Boy”
When we first tried to unlock the door to get into this room, Erin, the staff member really struggled for a couple of minutes to unlock the door because it simply would not unlock. We finally did get in. Then we left again to tour the other rooms briefly then going back to spend more time in each room. When we made our way back to this room, the door was open. We had closed the self locking door on our way out. This in itself is noteworthy. The ghost that I met in this room was that of a small boy. He has straight blondish brown hair. He has a mischievous feel to him. He likes to play jokes to get attention. He likes to move things. If you put something in one place he will move it to another place. He is very clear with me that he is not a thief, he does not steal anything, he just plays jokes. Sometimes he even takes things from the room of one guest and puts them in the room of another guest. He loves toys. He loves it when kids stay in the hotel. He borrows their toys to play with them, however, he always returns them, sometimes just minutes before check out. He just wants people to notice him, because he sees them and gets confused when they do not see him.

Room 304: “Family”
The energy in this room seems to be of “Family”, “Contentment” and also of “Passion”. No more specifics came through in this room.

The Stairway from the Bullock Suite:
As we entered the stairway leading from the third floor, near the Bullock Suite, I felt the energy of Seth Bullock himself. Seth is telling me a sotry of two guests that were walking down the stairs. The man was being verbally abusive to his female counterpart. I think that she was in tears, if not, she was very close. The man seemed tipsy or maybe even drunk. Seth did not tolerate this in his presence or in his hotel. He reached through the stairs and grabbed the man’s foot. I believe that the man then tripped and fell down a few stairs. He was very upset and tried to blame the woman, however she was at least 3 steps behind him at the time, so it was impossible for her to trip him. They may have said something to the hotel staff member who was working the front desk. This feel very recent like within the last 5 – 10 years.

Seth’s Cellar:
This place feels the most intense with paranormal activity. I hear the breaking of glasses and plates. There is almost a “Spooky feel” down here, even though it is made into a restaurant now. I believe that most employees would not want to be down here after dark as this “odd feeling” seems to intensify. The entities that are here seem to be the most restless and mischievous. It feels as though staff and guests here after dark would not only hear things, like the breaking dishes, but also feel “like someone is staring at me” and in many cases even feel the touch of, like on a shoulder, of someone who is not physically there. This is the one place in the hotel that most staff members would not want to be alone after dark.

Historic Bullock Hotel

I had gone back to the Bullock Hotel to meet with Susan Beasley, the Marketing Director of the Historic Bullock Properties. Once we met I showed her the tape and the typed dictation of the tape so that she could either confirm or deny the information that I picked up the day before. While watching the tape she said, “Soctt there are a lot of things that you mention in here that are really good matches for what guests have reported over the years, the staff too.”

Something must have “clicked” inside of Susan. She then said, “There is another part of another one of our hotels that I would like to she you and see what you pick up.” We walked into some of the old Chinese Tunnels that run underneath many of the hotels and the city itself. This particular part was under Miss Kitty’s Saloon, Hotel and Casino. Once down there I tuned and asked, “Who is the Cook?” then “The Black Woman.” “I see a scar running across her belly where a poor attempt at a C-Section was done. It feels like she was raped by a white guy and the white guy did not want her to give birth to his child, so he cut it out of her.” I continued, “She was color-blind, but loved to paint. She also loved kids (of any color) because she could no longer have any of her own. At the end of her life she was defiant and it cost her life. Something cut her neck. It is like her head was disconnected.” That was very unpleasant to feel and see. I continued, “Since then she makes knives move and leaves paintbrushes, or parts of paintbrushes around the kitchen to let others know that she is there.”

Susan turned pale white. She said, “Her name is Claira, she was a cook back in the prospecting days. She was a black woman. She did love to paint. This is the first I am hearing about the rape, c-section, or the colorblind part. However, she was defiant. The tunnels under the town were used by all ethnic people of the time, because they were not allowed in public places. They used the tunnels to get around the city. Claira, defying this rule walked right out onto Main St. They promptly cut off her head and rolled it down Main St. Her presence was so strong here a few weeks ago that we hired a psychic to come and check it out. She told us much of what you just picked up on. The knives, the paintbrushes and a flying plate actually caused the majority of the staff to quit within the past two weeks. Ya know, when one psychic says something you think, Hmmmm that’s interesting. When a second one says the same things and then provides additional details it really makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.”

Susan was so blown away by this experience that she asked me if I would go to the building where she lives. The building is 118 years old and was owned by “Poker Alice”. Because this was her private residence, I will not go into much detail of the ghosts that were found there or how they relate to Susan. Let’s just say that Susan could validate what came through and it “made sense” to her.