Q-Link Pendant
The “Q” stands for quantum, Quantum Link. Q-Link® is the premier personal performance tool - proven to reduce stress, increase focus and maximize concentration. It fits into every part of your life because it supports your body's function at it's most fundamental levels - making it a valuable life tool that can increase your everyday performance as well as enhance your well-being. It's the preferred performance and balancing tool of choice for 300+ of the world's foremost Professional Touring Golfers, IT Specialists, Gymnasts at Westpoint Military Academy, Professional NBA, NFL & NHL Athletes, Students, Business Professionals, Yoga Enthusiasts, Parents, Music Legends, Executives, Computer Users, Athletes of every type and skill level, among countless others. Many consider Q-Link their most valuable possession! I have personally been wearing my Q-Link Pendant for over 8 years and I highly recommend this product!

PRICE : $99.95
SHIPPING : $5.25

Q-Link Pendant – Silver
This Q-Link houses the same technology as the original above. It is simply housed in Polished or Brushed Sliver. The cost difference in the two is simply to offset the cost in the housing material itself. There is no difference in function.

PRICE : $349.95
SHIPPING : $5.25




Q-Link Pendant – Gold
This Q-Link houses the same technology as the original above. It is simply housed in Polished Gold. The cost difference in the two is simply to offset the cost in the housing material itself. There is no difference in function.

PRICE : $999.95
SHIPPING : $5.25



Q-Link for your Pet
Many of us consider our pets to be our furry little children. Our pets get bombarded with the same overdoses of EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) that we do and it has the same negative effects on their bodies as well. The Pet Q-Link houses the same technology as the Q-Links for human beings which negates the negative effects of EMF on our bodies. It offers the same protection to our fury friends as we enjoy while wearing our Q-Links.

PRICE : $59.95
SHIPPING : $5.25

ION Cleanse Machine:

The ION Cleanse machine is a revolutionary tool for removing harmful toxins from every system of the physical body. This is the best 2008 model available on the market today. It pulls out twice as many toxins as previous devices. This is a Dual unit which allows you to detoxify 2 people at the same time. It has a built in MP3 player and comes with a power cord, two Arrays and two wrist straps & a Hypnotherapy Audio which makes the sessions even more powerful. The machine charges the water with alternating Positive and Negative Ions. The toxins in your body are drawn through your body, out the pores in your feet and into the charged water. Within minutes of using this machine, you physically see the toxins in the water. It is amazing to see all of the toxins and pollutants that “muddy up” the water within a short ½ hour session. You will be astounded by seeing what comes out of your body and how you feel because of it. We use this machine ourselves and in our Alternative Therapies Clinic. I highly recommend it for everyone! These ION Cleanse Machines normally retail for over $3,000.00 (for a single unit, making this device worth well over $6,000.)  However, through a direct connection to the manufacturer, we are able to import these machines directly at an incredible discount. We offer you this complete machine for an astoundingly low price of just $1,699 MSRP $599.00. Most treatment centers charge anywhere from $40 - $70 per 30 minute treatment (we charge $50 per ½ hour treatment in our clinic. So our machine generates $200 in revenue that is virtually pure profit).. As you can see, it does not take long to recoup your investment and utilize this device to create a money making business while helping people to remove toxins from their bodies and helping them to be healthier.

PRICE : $1,699 MSRP $599.00
SHIPPING : $15.00

ION Cleanse Upgrade:
At our clinic, Alternative Therapies, we have a lot of experience using the ION Cleanse machine with incredible results. If you decide to add the ION Cleanse device to your existing business (Chiropractic, Massage Therapist, Reiki Energy work, etc.) we have a wonderful upgrade package for you. It takes all of the guess work out of owning and operating your ION Cleanse machine. To begin, we will give you 10 11 x 17 beautiful, custom full color fliers so that you can easily let people know about your ION Cleanse business ($50 value). Second, you will receive 25 liability release forms ($19.95 value). These forms will educate your clients and cover you legally from any liability. Third, we will send you two foot bath basins and a roll of liners, so that your ION Cleanse machine is ready to service your new clients ($25 value). Fourth, we send you two additional Arrays ($200 value). The Array is the part of the machine that goes into the water. Each Array will work effectively for 80 – 100 uses. Fifth, you will receive a Hypnotherapy session specifically designed to help the client to release as much as possible during their session by unlocking the power of the subconscious mind ($19.95 value). Sixth, we will send you a bottle of very concentrated organic bleach for cleaning your arrays between clients and for cleaning the client’s feet ($10.15 value). This is a great product because some clients have chemical sensitivities. Seventh, you will receive a Chakra Spray bottle ($14.95 value). Each spray bottle of water comes with each of the seven Chakra Stones which charge the water and recharge your client. The Chakra water is also great to use after cleansing your clients feet with the organic bleach, just to remove any residue. Eighth, you will receive a box of the best vitamins on the planet ($70.00 value). After each ION Cleanse Treatment, we give each of our clients a bottle of water and an individually wrapped set of these vitamins. These Shaklee Vitamins are made from 100% food, so they are 100% digestable in the body. As the powerful ION Cleanse machine removes so many built up toxins during a session, we also want to replenish and revitalize each client before they leave our office, so that they feel great and return time after time. This package, if you were to purchase each of these “must have” accessories individually would cost you $410. However, through this special package, you get it all (10pc.) 11 x 17 fliers, (25pc.) Release Forms, (2pc.) Arrays, (2pc.) Foot Bath Basins , (1 roll) Basin Liners, (1pc.) Hypnotherapy CD, (1 bottle) Concentrated Organic Bleach, (1 bottle) Chakra Spray & (30 pc) Premium Vitamins all for only $299.

PRICE : $299.00
SHIPPING : $15.00

Low Level Laser Device (LLLT)
Low Level Laser Therapy or Cold Laser Therapy is performed with a special tool that focus’ light and then uses that light in specific areas of the body for precise amounts of time. The laser does not burn the skin, in fact it is not even warm. It actually focus the light under the skin. Devices like this were developed to cure carpal tunnel syndrome. However, in further clinical studies it has been show to cure of 200 diseases in the body. We use this machine ourselves and in our Alternative Therapies Clinic as well. I highly recommend this device as well!

PRICE : $799.00
SHIPPING : $15.00


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