Scott has worked for years to develop his spiritual gifts and is happy to put them to work for you! Please see the Scott's Gifts Page to view the options available to you for the different types of Readings you can chose from. 

In-Person Readings

Scott has created a wonderful space energetically, spiritually & ethically inside of his Metaphysical Office. If you live in or plan to travel to the Majestic Black Hills area you can have your Private Reading live and in person. Come in and experience the “feeling” of the environment and of being inside Scott’s energy as the information and energy come through for you.

Rates for In Person Reading:

1 Hour - $150-------------------------
½ Hour - $85-------------------------

Phone Readings

A telephone reading is a very personal experience. Once you have an appointment time, just call Scott at the office 605.641.4158 and Scott will tune in and utilize his gifts, compassion & provide understandable, validatable guidance from the other side. Regardless of distance, Scott will tune in to your energy and go to work for you. Scott can utilize any of the gifts from the “Scott’s Gifts” web page for you in this medium. Scott has clients all over the world he works with through the telephone just read the Testimonials Page and after your reading you may want to write your own experience and share it with others.

Rates for Phone Sessions:

1 Hour - $150-------------------------
½ Hour - $85-------------------------

To book a session by phone, leave a message with your phone number, time zone and the best time to reach you on 605.641.4158, someone will get back to you generally within 72 hours.

Special Needs Price for Phone Sessions:
To maintain his availability to those who truly need him, Scott has created a special needs price for full time students, seniors with no additional source of income (other than social security), those on disability (with no additional source of income), single mothers (without support), those unemployed and/or people earning under $20,000 per year. He makes a limited amount of these sessions available each week.

Rate for Special Need Phone Session:
40 minute sessions: $60-------------------------
You may be required to show eligibility for this rate.You will need to contact Scott in advance of this Readings option.

Basic Info:
Scott receives his information in three basic forms Clairaudient (Hearing), Clairvoyant (Seeing), Clairessent (Smelling) and Clairsentient (Feeling). Because this information is communicated psychically not physically, he can connect with people over great distances. Just as a telephone can put your voice anywhere on the planet within seconds, so can Scott connect with your energy anywhere.

Getting Ready for Your Reading
Prior to your reading, make sure that you are set in a quiet space where you can remain undisturbed for at least the one hour time period of your scheduled reading. Please make sure that place is void of distractions (i.e. Telephones, Cell Phones, Visitor Interruptions, TV or Radio.) If possible spend time in this distractionless space at lease 20 minutes prior to your reading in order to calm your own thoughts.
Also, prior to your reading please visit the page entitled “Scott’s Gifts” in order to see the reading options available to you. Most people find it to their advantage to utilize a notebook or piece of paper to make note of which type of reading they are requesting. Please also take the time to write down what you would like accomplish during your reading. Take the time to thoughtfully prepare your questions. If you have specific questions, write them down. If you do not have specific questions, but do have general areas, write them down as well. This process does three things. 1.) It sets your intention prior to the reading. 2.) It helps to maximize your reading time because you can simple read you questions to Scott. 3.) It helps to insure that all of your questions get answered.
Please understand that there are three parts to a reading. Scott is only one part of the equation. He prepares in intent based silent meditation before each reading. Spirit, the Devine, your Guides or Higher Self is another key ingredient of course. Also understand that you are the third ingredient. It takes a tremendous amount of energy for Scott to connect, the Other Side to communicate and for the information to come through. So, you will experience the best reading possible if you prepare your part as well. So, prepare yourself, your mind, your space, your intent and your questions prior to your reading and what miracles happen!

Psychic and Mediumship Consultations and Spiritual Counseling
Scott’s does consultations in person in South Dakota and while traveling and over the phone. He uses a combination of psychic abilities his relationship with “the Guys” (Scott’s 7 Spirit Guides, his best friends without bodies of the light)and mediumship work. In addition to the typical questions of love, career, and health, Scott speaks to spirit guides, deceased relatives, higher consciousness, and pets. He is fast, fun, and very detailed. You can ask about any specific question or issue in your life.

Cancellation policy:
Scott meditates on each client before your session, we ask that you cancel your session, if need be, with at least 24 hours notice or you may be responsible for the time. To cancel a session you may call 321.360.9238, or email at

E-Mail & Text Readings

E-Mail & Text Readings:
There are times in all of our lives that we do not necessarily need a full 1 hour or ½ hour Telephone Reading. Sometimes we just have a pertinent question or two that we would like guidance or insight on. For these times an E-mail or Text Reading is just the ticket. Simply provide your name, your location and your question and Scott will tune in and provide guidance and helpful insights from “the other side”.

Rates for Email & Text Readings:

1 Questions - $20. -------------------------------------------
2 Questions - $35. -------------------------------------------
3 Question - $50. -------------------------------------------

Once you make payment, please email your question(s) to:
or text them to phone number 321.360.9238.

E-Mail & Text Readings

If you have a group or organization and would like Scott to come to you it is very easy and economical to make that a reality. Group Readings or Galleries are approximately 5 hours long. The Gallery itself is almost a mix of “Crossing over with John Edward” and Sylvia Browne’s questions and answers on the Montel Show. These of course can be tailored specifically to your group. Group Readings typically take place from groups ranging in size from 20 – 100 people. Once plans have been made to come to your area, Scott normally stays in that area and offers Private Readings for one and all during the days following the Gallery. This is normally accompanied with a Book Signing as well. If you can round up at least 20 people then Scott will come to you!

Rates for Group Readings:

Cost - $50 per person for 4 - 5 hours. (Minimum 25 people)
Sponsor pays travel and lodging (or we will arrange all for you for $1.00 per mile paid in advance)

Contact Us for scheduling and fee information at:


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