The Journey to the Wild Divine
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The Journey to the Wild Divine
This is an incredible tool that you install directly on your computer. As you slide three of your fingertips into the “Lightstone” (the wires connected to the little blue box in the picture to the left), it begins to monitor multiple body functions and send that information to the computer program. It is called “Bio Feedback”. The “Game” then uses this information to allow you to play this game through your mind, your body and ultimately your spirit. The graphics on this “game” are indeed breathtaking and the fact that you play the game with your mind instead of a keyboard, mouse or joystick is absolutely incredible. The experience of playing helps you to meditate, reduces stress and helps you to unlock many of the mysteries that are already inside of you just waiting to be discovered! I use this myself, as do my friends, family, loved ones and clients. I highly recommend this system!


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