Bridging the Gap – Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds
By Scott Christiansen

This is a wonderful book for anyone who is trying to gain insights on both religion and spirituality. It shows how they two paths can actually work hand in hand and lead you to the same destination. This book does not tell you what to think, but rather encourages you to think. You will learn more about yourself and your own belief systems and walk away with your own enlightening experience.
The Inheritance – a Vision
By: Scott Christiansen

This book has been described as, “Learning Metaphysics by accident”. The book is written much like the Celestine Prophecy. You will walk with the characters of the story down a path that unlocks, “the Secret” and ultimately takes you much, much further. This is more than just a book, it is a movement packed full of tools to help you unlock your own Inheritance!
The Secret
By: Rhonda Byrne

This best selling book helps you to understand just how much of your reality you actually create. It is a wonderful book for learning many of the basics of Metaphysics and how to apply them to enhance your life!
The Law of Attraction
By: Ester & Jerry Hicks

This book represents the teachings of Abraham as taught by the Hicks family. It is the basis for the original book and movie The Secret.
Conversations with God
Neale Donald Walsch

This is a great book for getting in touch with God, and a deeper understanding of life and purpose, without the traditional dogma that normally accompanies those answers.
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
By: Deepac Chopra

This is a wonderful book with a step by step roadmap towards self mastery. The principals and information contained within this book give you a firm strategy for mastering yourself and finding balance as well as enlightenment.
Star Signs
By: Linda Goodman

This is the best, most comprehensive and well researched book on understanding Astrology that I have ever seen. Whenever I deal with anything of an Astrological nature, this is the reference book that I pull from the shelf for myself and my clients.
Animal Speak
By: Ted Andrews

This is the best book on understanding Animal Totems that I have found. This is another desk reference in my own practice. Whenever a unique animal crosses my path (weather in the dream world or the physical), this is the book that I reference to unlock the hidden meaning brought by that animal energy.
Many Lives, Many Masters
By: Dr. Brian Weiss

This is a great book for anyone who has an interest in Past Lives or Past Life Regression. I highly recommend it for anyone who is beginning to explore Past Life Phenomenon in their own life.

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