Bridging the Gap – Between the Christian and Metaphysical Worlds (Audio Book)
By: Scott Christiansen
This professionally recorded audio book is recorded in the author’s own voice. This a 3 CD set that is over 3 and one half hours long. Many people have a tremendous amount of time in the car (traveling or commuting), this audio book is designed to make it as easy and convenient as possible to get the information contained in Scot Christiansen’s first published book, Bridging the Gap.

Energy Cleanse and Balance through Hypnotherapy (10 min.)
By: Mary Christiansen Gabriel
Just relax, play the CD, listen to Mary’s soft voice and allow the pictures to flow through your mind. In a very short time, you will cleanse your bodies (energetic and physical) of all unwanted negative energy while balancing all of your natural energy centers. Feel free to use this CD and its techniques as often as needed.

Healing through Hypnotherapy(20 min.)
By: Mary Christiansen Gabriel
Mary guides you through a quick, twenty minute Hypnotherapy session that will unlock the power of the subconscious mind to facilitate physical healing in your body. We have all heard the expression, “Mind over Matter”, by utilizing this CD and its techniques you will change the pictures in your mind, re-programming your subconscious which can have a dramatic impact on changing and restructuring your physical body.

Unlocking Abundance through Hypnotherapy(20 min.)
By: Mary Christiansen Gabriel
We all have subconscious programs that govern our financial realities. By utilizing this CD and Mary’s Hypnotherapy techniques, you will have the tools to re-program your relationship with money, and abundance on many levels. This can be an incredible tool for creating a new financial future of abundance in your life!

Relaxation  through Hypnotherapy(20 min.)
By: Mary Christiansen Gabriel
There are numerous medical studies that show conclusively that stress is the number one cause of almost every disease, disorder and uncomfortable thing that enters into your world. Relaxation therapy can greatly reduce stress in your life. Think of it as preventative medicine. Use this CD and its techniques to reach deeper levels of relaxation quickly and effortlessly and see what an incredible, positive impact it has on your life!

Re-Programming Your Body Weight through Hypnotherapy(20 min.)
By: Mary Christiansen Gabriel
Science is now showing how each of our bodies has it own unique “set weight” and appearance. This is why traditional diet are ineffective and why dieters who do lose weight through traditional dieting often put all of the weight back on over time. This CD and its Hypnotherapy techniques will provide you with the tools to better unrderstand yourself, your weight, and all of the reasons that your body has the “set weight” that it does. It will then empower you, through Hypnotherapy, to reprogram your subconscious mind, through changing simple pictures in your mind, and will change your body’s own “set weight”. Once the “set weight” has been changed your body will effortlessly begin dropping the pounds in order to match the new “set weight”.


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