Acupressure: Acupressure is an Oriental Healing system that uses direct finger pressure on specific tension spots on the body. This technique can be used to reduce stress and pain.

Acupuncture: Acupuncture is an ancient Oriental healing therapy which stimulates the low of life energy or Ch’i within the body by inserting fine needles into specific points on the skin.

Angel: An Angel is a spiritual being. The term Angel is also a widely used term for many Spiritual Beings, of the Light. Our Spirit Guides could be called Angels as they are Spiritual Beings.

Akashic Records: The Akashic Records is the Celestial Library that holds each of our individual “Books of Life”. Inside of each person’s individual book is the history of that person that spans every lifetime.

Aroma Therapy: Aroma Therapy utilizes the Essential Oils from plants, flowers, trees and herbs. Traditionally these Essential Oils are released into water or oil and heated over a flame. The aroma, or scent, is then released into the room in breathed. Each Essential Oil has its own properties and characteristics which can be utilized to produce a variety of results.

Ascended Masters: The term Ascended Master refers to those who have reached the highest level of Spiritual Consciousness and have returned to Earth for the spiritual evolution, enrichment and enlightenment of all mankind. I.e. Jesus, Buddha, etc.

Ascension: Ascension simply means to ascend, or rise up. This term most often refers in Metaphysics to an elevated Spiritual state.

Astral Body: The Astral Body is simply another term for your Soul or your Spirit.

Astral Projection: Astral Projection is simply projecting or releasing the Astral Body from the Physical Body. This is most often called an Out of Body Experience (OBE). This state of being is a separation of the Astral Body or Spirit from the Physical Body. While in Spiritual form, you do not need to carry matter, the physical body, with you. Therefore you can travel great distances very quickly.

Astrology: Astrology is an ancient system of judging the influences of the stars on human affairs. Astrology is the mother of modern day Astronomy. One of the most well known uses of Astrology is by looking at the placement of the stars at the time of your birth. This information can be used to create a Natal Chart showing each of the planets placements at the time of your birth. The first on this chart is your Sun Sign which is the most significant sign to you and your personality. When people ask, “What is your sign?” they are making reference to your Sun Sign.

Attunement: An Attunement is a Spiritual Gift from Teacher to student. In some specialized areas of Metaphysics, not only is knowledge given from one to another, but the gift itself can be transferred or awakened within a student by the attuning of that student. You may want to think of it like a piano. The piano can make only the sounds that it is tuned to make. When you give the piano an attunement, it can then perform better. In human form, we are the instruments and as such, the belief in the attunement is one that our Spiritual Energy can be raised, or tuned, to a higher frequency. This practice is believed to unlock additional gifts, or strengthen gifts, at higher vibrational levels.

Aura: An Aura is the visual effect of energy. Your Aura is the visual effect produced by your own Spirit or energy. Every form of energy that we know of produces a visual effect if viewed correctly. The energy in side your body is no different. There are 7 layers of the Aura.

Aura Balancing: Aura Balancing is an energetic healing technique. The healer detects energy blocks or abnormalities in the auric fields surrounding the body of the patient. The healer then utilizes Metaphysical Techniques to adjust the energy levels, flows and blocks. The energy in and around the individual is balanced in this manner.

Automatic Writing / Drawing: Automatic Writing is a form of channeling. However, in traditional Channeling, the Medium allows the Spirit or entity to use their entire body, or possibly just the areas that involve speech. In Automatic Writing, the Medium allows the Spirit or Entity to “write out” messages using their bodies, hands, etc. This practice can be done through pen or pencil and paper, typewriters or computers, etc. The message is written through the medium without conscience thought or knowledge of the living person. In automatic writing the person feels much more like the pen or the typewriter than the author or artist.