Dharma: The word Dharma comes from the Sanskrit word, “Dhri” meaning "to sustain; carry, hold." Hence Dharma is "that which contains or upholds the cosmos." Dharma, religion, is a complex and all-inclusive term with many meanings, including: divine law, law of being, way of righteousness, religion, ethics, duty, responsibility, virtue, justice, goodness and truth. In Metaphysics, Dharma means, “Your life’s Purpose”, or “The reason you are alive, what you are here (on the planet) to do”. Dharma is a major part of many of the world’s religions.

Déjà Vu: Déjà vu is the feeling having already experienced an event or place that is being encountered for the very first time.

Divination: Divination is the act of foretelling the future or gaining unknown information by using psychic skills or other methods outside of the physical 5 senses. The word Divination actually means, “Devine Inspiration”.

Dowsing: Dowsing is the skill of using a Divining Rod to locate water, objects or people. Today many people use a pendulum or some other Metaphysical tool in place of the actual “forked stick” which is the traditional Diving Rod. These are physical tools that some intuitives use to connect to the Spiritual Realm.