Feng Shui: The term Feng Shui is Chinese and literally means, “Wind” and “Water”. The term can best be defined as the path of least resistance. Feng Shui is most often used in our houses, offices and surrounding to place objects, furniture, water, etc. in such a way as to allow the energy of the room to most easily flow. This creates a “nice feeling” in the space, eliminates stagnant energy pockets, and keeps things flowing.

Firewalking: Firewalking is an ancient ritual of empowerment. It is the practice of walking barefoot over a bed of coals without getting burned. The practice of Firewalking dates back thousands of years (the first mention was 3400 years ago). There is even mention of it in the Holy Bible. “Can a man walk on red-hot coals without burning his feet?” (Proverbs 6:28). The practice of Firewalking has seen resurgence in the Metaphysical community over the past 50 years.

Floatation Tank: A Floatation Tank is a sensory deprivation tank. While in a Float Tank, the brain receives zero sensory input. The air, the water and your body are all at the same temperature, so you have a difficult time knowing where one ends and one begins. The water itself is 5 times more dense in salt than the Dead Sea, so it it impossible to sink, and your body just feel like it is “floating”. There is also no light, no sound and no smell. You brain has nothing to process, nothing. It begins working harder and harder to find something to do. At one point you can actually hear your eyelids blink. It is a beautiful tool to put your body aside and simply experience the sate of being that many meditation books talk of, but some people have difficulty attaining.