Gaia: Gaia is the ancient name for the Goddess of the Earth. Today Gaia is often referred to as “Mother Earth”. This is how we originally associated the Earth energy with a feminine energy. The earth itself has a Spirit or Energy which many intuitives connect with. Gaia is the name or term that a lot of people give to that energy.

God: God is the name and term that we give to the creator. Many Metaphysical people refer to this God energy as a “Universal Consciousness” or “Universal Energy” from which all things come. It is a common Metaphysical belief that “God” transcends the religions of man. That is that there is only one “God” and that all religions, past and present, of the world are actually talking about the same being as there can be only one Creator.

Graphology: Graphology is, technically, the art of judging a person’s character, disposition and aptitude from his or her handwriting. Some intuitive people also use this skill for additional analysis or foretelling of the future of that individual.

Guides: Spiritual Guides or Spirit Guides as they are most often referred to, as simply Spiritual Beings who are here to guide us along life’s journey. We all have one main guide who is with us from before birth to after death. We may also have other guides that come and go as we need them. I think of my guides as my very best friends without bodies.

Guru: The word Guru is a Sanskrit word that literally translates to, “Teacher”. In the Western World the term Guru has grown to basically mean, “Anyone who makes religious or philosophical statements and has followers because of this.” In modern times is has evoloved even futher to simply mean, “Expert”. In my pseronal opinion, this term is really overused in today’s society and the Metaphysical Community.