Hand Analyst/Counselor: A Hand Analyst is the modern name for a Palmist. The term Palmistry, many felt do not tell the whole story as the entire hand was actually analyzed. A Palmist or Hand Analyst uses the hands as a roadmap to the person. Each part of your hand, your fingers, your palm, the overall and individual shapes as well as the lines contained in those individual parts of the hand are each distinct and tell a particular story of past, present and future. Palmistry is an ancient tool of intuitives and is the mother of modern day fingerprinting.

Handwriting Analysis: Handwriting Analysis is another term for Graphology (see above). Handwriting Analysis is a Metaphysical tool that study’s the person’s handwriting to discover personal information such as health, character, personality and life circumstances.

Herbologist/Herbalist: The Literal definition of a Herbologist comes from two root words. Herb, in Latin, means, “Grass or Green Crop” and “logy” in Greek means “the study of”, or to “speak on”. A Herbologist could be initially defined as a person who collects, studies and uses plants (normally in a medical form). This definition would lead us the Western world’s simple definition as an “Herb Doctor”. Actual Herbologists are moreover concerned with a Holistic or Homeopathic broad view than just the technical definition of “Herb Doctor”.

Higher Self: The term Higher Self is another terminology for Inner Self or the Spiritual Self. It is the Spirit, the Soul, or the inner Devine Nature possessed by all human beings. It is the you that existed before it entered a body, while it is in a body and the you that will exist after it has left the body. It is the eternal you. It is directly connected to all things spiritual. On a physical level it is the energy that powers the biology (the body). It is your spark.

Holistic: The term Holistic is used to describe a school of thought where the emphasis more focused on the organic or functional relationship between the parts and the whole. In Holistic thinking, the phrase “The whole is simply the sum of its parts” is inaccurate. The Holist view would be, “The whole is not only the smaller parts, and how they add up to the larger parts, but also how they interact and effect each other.”

Holistic Healing: Holistic Healing is a type of healing that seeks to treat the whole person and acknowledges the interrelatedness of the Body, Mind and Spirit in the total Health of the Person as opposed to merely treating a particular sickness.

Homeopathy: Homeopathy is a school of medicine that believes in the body’s ability to heal itself. Homeopathy is the practice of using extremely small doses of medicines and herbs to cause the same symptoms the disease causes. Homeopaths (practitioners of homeopathy) acknowledge no diseases, only symptoms.

Humm Balla Balla: Hummm Balla Balla is a Scottism. It makes reference to anything and everything Spiritual or Metaphysical.

Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy: Hypnosis is a state of mind where the conscious criticism of the “Awake Mind” is suppressed and suggestions move directly to the unconscious mind that does not judge right or wrong. In this state suggestions are acted upon more powerfully than is possible in the normal waking state.