I Ching: I Ching is a 4000 year old Chinese system that gives all of the knowledge stored in your unconscious mind a vocabulary of symbols to express itself. Once those symbols are known, I Ching utilizes 3 identical coins for divination. Millions of people throughout history have enjoyed the wisdom and techniques taught in I Ching, or Book of Changes.

Incense: Incense is an herb or wood that is made into a fine powder to be bruned for its aroma or to produce the effects endowed into that particular herb. Incense has been used as an offering at rituals or during religious ceremonies for thousands of years. As it is now mush easier to get and generally low cost, many spiritual people enjoy burning incense on a daily basis and seek out differing types of Incense to help manifest specific needs or desires, or in prayer and meditation.

Inner Self: The term Inner Self is another terminology for Higher Self or the Spiritual Self. It is the Spirit, the Soul, or the inner Devine Nature possessed by all human beings. It is the you that existed before it entered a body, while it is in a body and the you that will exist after it has left the body. It is the eternal you. It is directly connected to all things spiritual. On a physical level it is the energy that powers the biology (the body). It is your spark.

Intuition: Intuition simply means, “Knowing without knowing”. It is knowledge that is not gained through any traditional means.

Intuitive: An Intuitive is person who utilizes their intuition for themselves and others.

Iridology: Iridology is a science involving the study of the iris of the eye as a diagnostic tool to reveal health or disorders in the human body. It is based on the premise that the nerves, muscle fibers and blood vessels in the iris are connected to corresponding locations in the body. It is one of the most finite an scientific of all Metaphysical tools.