Many people find themselves interested in Metaphysics or some form of Spirituality. Often times we feel drawn like a moth to a flame. However, most of us were not raised around Metaphysics growing up. So, we may have no idea what the words mean that are used in that community. This can bring about many uncertainties and insecurities. It can also leave us with gaps I our understandings. When we are getting a "reading" from a psychic or medium, we may not be able to fully understand the message that is "coming through". We can feel drawn to an event like a psychic fair or spiritual expo in order to learn more. However, most of these events do not teach us the terminology.

Whenever we enter into a subject, any subject, it is best to learn at least the basic terminology used in that industry or group of people. Once we understand the terminology, we can then understand what is being said much more easily.

It is like anything else; once we understand the words then we can understand the sentences. It just makes sense. If we are curious about banking or accounting, we must at some point learn the lingo of that industry. If we are interested in any subject we must first learn the key words, the trade words, the catch phrases. Once we have learned those words and the meaning of those words then we can really understand what they are saying. We can then also utilize the same words to express what we feel or think in a way that others can quickly understand. This can lead to our actual questions getting fully answered to our satisfaction much more quickly and easily.

Many people today are drawn to books on Metaphysics, because there is not a teacher or class in their geographic area. They feel this internal questioning and the only thing that they may know about at their disposal is a library or bookstore. The confusion comes when they arrive at the bookstore and do not understand the terminology that is printed on or in the books. This Terminology page will give each of you many of the basic metaphysical terms and their definitions. This should be a great tool to have at your disposal.

Now understand going in that these terms and definitions are the ones that are most common to me. These are the definitions that I use, that make sense to me. They are the terms and definitions that have made their way to me over many years of being involved in Metaphysics. However, there are many terms in Metaphysics. They are not all listed here. This is a fundamental list. Like any living language, there are new terms added daily. There are also many differing intrpretations of the meanings of those terms. I am not going to assume that mine are the only terms nor definitions used. I am also not going to be so bold as to tell you that my definitions are the ONLY definitions or the RIGHT definitions for any term. I will say that they are the ones that make the most sense to me. If you use or hear different terms or definitions of those terms, that's OK. Just think for yourself, ask yourself, as your guides ask God, ask your instinct or intuition which term feels right to you and use that one. Just think for yourself. This is designed to be a roadmap for you, use it as the tool that it is.