Mandala: A Mandala is a design using any various geometric designs (usually circular) symbolizing the Universe. It is used primarily in Hinduism and Buddhism as an aid to Meditation. Many Spiritual people find that using a Mandala helps them to quiet down the conscious mind and focus on a single point, or drift off, or tune in for meditation.

Manifest: The word Manifest can be a action or a creation. Manifest as an action means, “to create”. Manifest as a creation simply means, “a state of which something is happening or appearing, or another term for reality”. We can Manifest (create) changes. Or, something can be brought from the Un-Manifest (Beyond the Physical Plane) into the Manifest (Reality).

Mantra: A Mantra is a word or phrase that is chanted repeatedly. This is most often used as a tool to control the mind or focus several minds into one combined intent.

Meat Puppet: This is another Scottism. Scott often uses the term “Meat Puppet” to describe the human body. From his perspective, the body is like a puppet for our Spirit and made out of meat. Hence the phrase was coined.

Meditation: Meditation is a technique of controlling one’s own mind. It is a practice of quieting the mind and achieving a state of stillness, both physically and mentally. Mediation should be free from all distractions and allow the person meditating to “just be”. The time spent brings with it a sensation of calmness and peacefulness. It is that inner gap between thoughts that connects us with our Spiritual selves and the rest of creation. It is not only a time to process life’s events and life’s knowledge, but also a time to commune with the Devine. There are many types of Meditation that bring about many differing desired outcomes.

Medium: A Medium is a person who serves as a communication device between the living and the dead. This popular term stems from a much older technical definition of the word Medium, which is, “a substance through which signals travel as a means of communication”.

Metaphysics: Metaphysics can best be broken down into its two root words. The word Meta simply means, “Beyond” and the word “Physics” makes reference to anything physical. So, by definition the word Metaphysics makes reference to anything that is “Beyond the Physical”. So, anything that cannot be touched probed or examined using the five senses would be termed Metaphysical. With this in mind, anything Spiritual or of any Religion would also be termed Metaphysical as they cannot physically be touched probed or examined.

Mythology: Mythology simply means the, “Study of Myths”. The myths can be of any culture. In most cases the term is used to describe the study of age old stories of humanities concepts about the Universe, including their relationships to their deities.