Palmistry: The term Palmistry, many felt do not tell the whole story as the entire hand was actually analyzed. A Palmist uses the hands as a roadmap to the person. Each part of your hand, your fingers, your palm, the overall and individual shapes as well as the lines contained in those individual parts of the hand are each distinct and tell a particular story of past, present and future. Palmistry is an ancient tool of intuitives and is the mother of modern day fingerprinting.

Paranormal: Paranormal can be broken down into its two root words of “Para” which means, “Beyond” and we all know what normal means. So Paranormal refers to anything that is beyond or above normal human senses.

Parapsychology: Parapsychology is the study of mental abilities, such as knowing the future, telepathy or communicating with the dead, or ESP, which seem to go against or beyond the known laws of nature and science. It is essentially the study of Psychic Phenomena by using scientific methods.

Past-Life Regression/Future Progression: Past Lives stem from the understanding that the Soul is eternal and the body is temporary. As such, the Soul has memory of every lifetime it has ever had. A Past Life Regression is a session where one recalls the soulular memory of a lifetime that has already taken place. This can be a very powerful form of therapy as it can take us to the time when a relationship dynamic, fear, etc. is truly rooted. Utilizing the same system, a person can also experience a “Between Lives Regression” or a “Future Life Regression”.

Pendulum: The Pendulum is thread, chain or stick with a weight on one end. It can be used as a Metaphysical tool or for dowsing.

Poltergeist: Poltergeist is a German word for a noisy, mischievous or destructive Spirit. This word was made famous by a movie in the 1980’s with the same name.

Precognition: Precognition is having advance knowledge of an event before it takes place.

Psychic: A Psychic is a person sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. Psychic also make reference to all things outside of the realm of physical science.

Psychic Counselor/Consultant: A Psychic Practitioner who uses his or her abilities for the good of the client. They Psychically “tune in” to the client and gain insight and wisdom from a wide variety of Metaphysical tools.

Psychic Healing: Psychic Healing or Hands on Healing as it if referred to in many ancient texts, is a process where a Psychic uses their physical body as a vehicle for Spiritual energy to heal body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

Psychometry: Psychometry is the Psychic practice of touching and an object, “tuning in” to the energetic impressions concerning the object or its owner.