Séance: A Séance is a gathering of people seeking to connect with those who have already crossed over through a Medium.

Sensitive: A Sensitive is another term for an Intuitive. A Sensitive is a person who frequently demonstrates extrasensory gifts such as clairvoyance, telepathy, or precognition.

Shamanism/Shamanic Therapy: Belief in psychic healing techniques and mediumship skills as practiced by tribal "medicine men" such as those among the Native Americans and in various parts of the Orient; the practices of mediumship and healing techniques of a Shamanic priest.

Skin Suit: You guessed it, another Scottism. It makes reference to our Physical Bodies as simply something we wear instead of something we are.

Sound Therapy/Toning: Sound Therapy is the use of a combination of tones and rhythmic sounds to alter a person's vibrations to bring harmony, accelerate healing and increase psychic skills.

Soul Cluster: The term Soul Cluster means those Souls which we created near or similar to your own Soul. It could also be referred to as a Soul Family. Due to the Vibrational similarities within all of the Souls of a Soul Cluster, we often time have Past Life Karma with them.

Soul Mate: The term Soul Mate is not what Cosmopolitan would have you believe. It is not your, “True Love”, or some other romanticized term. The term Soul Mate dates back to your Soul’s creation. One Soul has two equal and separate parts, Masculine and Feminine. Your Soul Mate is the other half of your Soul. Although each Soul is separate and, in a sense whole, on a Spiritual level, it needs its other half to be fully complete. Now, this does not speak of the human emotion of love, it speaks of Spiritual and Energetic completion. Understand that it is very rare for both halves of the same Soul to be incarnate at the same time. Even in the odd case that they are, it is even rarer still that those two halves of the same soul contracted to come down and complete each other’s physical lives as well.

Spiritual Counselor/Consultant: A Spiritual Consultant is a practitioner who uses one or more Spiritual and/or Metaphysical techniques in order to achieve holistic healing for a client.

Spiritual Healing: Spiritual Healing is a technique of healing by the power of a spiritual energy. Spiritual Healing or Hands on Healing as it if referred to in many ancient texts, is a process where an Intuitive uses their physical body as a vehicle for Spiritual energy to heal body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit.

Spiritualist: Spiritualism was a movement that formed around the belief that the Spirits of departed mortals had begun to communicate with the living, and that the living could converse in a systematic way with the land of the dead. Spiritualists and others have pointed out that this belief has existed in many times and places as an integral part of religion.

Spirit Guide: A Spirit Guide is a spiritual entity who provides information, or "guidance," often through a medium or channeled.

Sufism: Sufism is the Persian mystical religion based on Islam.

Syncretism: Syncretism is a belief system that combines, or unifies all differing world religions. It is based on the theory that each Religion was given a piece of the overall puzzle. If you take those precious pieces from each religion it makes a marvelous overall picture. It stems from the understanding that there can be only one Creator. So if we have 1,000 religions all claiming to reference one Supreme Being… Maybe, in combination, they are all right.

Sweat lodge: Lakota elder Black Elk tells us: "The sweat lodge utilizes all powers of the universe: earth, and things that grow from the earth; water; fire; and air." The sweat lodge symbolizes the womb of Grandmother Earth and the heated stones represent her body, which supports all life. The fire that is used to heat the rocks represents the perpetual light of the world, and is the source of all life and power. The water slowly releases the heat in the stones, which rises as steam and permeates the air to create a hot, humid atmosphere conducive to manifestation of the particular intent of the ceremony.