Tai Chi Chuan: Tai Chi is a traditional Chinese non-aggressive martial art based on awareness and yielding which is practiced in slow motion; a meditation technique for grounding and centering, that is based on Taoist philosophy.

Taoism: Taoism is a Chinese religion and philosophy that sees the universe as engaged in ceaseless motion and activity. All is considered to be in continual flux. The universe is in trinsically dynamic. This continual cosmic process is called the "Tao" by the Chinese.

Tarot Cards: Tarot Cards are a deck of seventy-eight cards used in divination. Divided into the Major Arcana (twenty-two cards with archetypal significance) and the Minor Arcana (fifty-six cards of four suits: wands, swords, cups, and pentacles). Each card and its placement has significance in the overall Reading.

Telekinesis: Telekinesis is the Metaphysical ability to physically mover objects without using physical force.

Telepathy: Telepathy is the Metaphysical ability to communicate between minds using extrasensory means. This is done with no physical or verbal communication and can be done over long distances.

Third Eye: The Third Eye has many names that all speak of, “The Center of Psychic Vision. The Third Eye is located on the forehead, or brow line. It is also called the Brow Chakra, as it is the Chakra, or energy center that is located in the forehead or brow as well. The Brow Chakra is defined as the “Spiritual Connection”. It is also called the Peneal Eye after the Peneal Gland which is locacted at the center of the brain. The Peneal Gland is about the size of a pea and is largest in children and begins to shrink after puberty. The Peneal Gland has been attributed, since the time of the ancient Greeks, to be the area of the brain that is our connection to the Realms of Thought and Spirit.

Totem: A Totem is a Spiritual Energy, much like a “Spirit Guide” who has chosen to manifest as an Animal Energy. We all have Totem animals, or Spiritual Animal energies, the same way that we do Spirit Guides. Each different type of Animal brings with it different attributes and qualities.

Trance Channeler: A Trance Channel or Unconscious Channel surrenders full control of their body, mind, speech, etc. to the entity being Channeled. The Trance Channel’s only part of the experience is utilizing their gifts to connect and their free will to give the use of their body to another being.

Twin Flame: The term Twin Flame speaks to us on a Soulular and Energetic level. The term is used to describe another Soul whose Vibrational Energy is so similar to you own that there is an instant connection with that person. Due to the similarities in Vibration, there is often times Past Life Karma with our Twin Flames. A Twin Flame could also be described as the closest Souls to our own in the Soul Cluster.