U.F.O.: The term U.F.O stands for Unidentified Flying Objects. In more modern times the term as expanded beyond its definition of “Unidentified” to speculation on trying to identify the object as a spacecraft with no known human-made origin; thought to be piloted by intelligent beings from outer space..

Universal Law: The term Universal Law is a blanket term that encompasses all of the Laws of the Universe. This Law governs all things Physical and Spiritual. Universal Law is also called, “God’s Law” (although it is referencing the creator, not the laws governing any particular religion).

Unconscious Channel: An Unconscious Channel gives full control of their body, mind, speech, etc. to the entity. The Unconscious Channel’s only part of the experience is utilizing their gifts and free will to give the use of their body. In the car analogy above, the Unconscious Channel says, “Yes you can drive my car, just bring it back to me when you are done.” Then they watch the car drive away without them, until the entity brings it back.