Metaphysics 101 – The Basics
This DVD consists of 4 video classes featuring Scott Christiansen. Through this DVD you will learn the Basics of Metaphysics, the foundations, the building blocks. Many people who have watched this DVD feel as though their Metaphysical understandings has taken a quantum leap and had gained years of knowledge inside of a very short time.
What the Bleep Do We Know?
This is more than just a movie, it is a docu-drama that shows you, scientifically, the fundamental properties of Metaphysics. The makers of this wonderful film started out to show that spirituality was non-existent through science and physics. So they interviewed the very top scientists and quantum physicists in the world. These scientists and their vast understandings of their science actually proved jus the opposite of what the film makers had set out to prove. Which is exactly why they titled their film, “What the bleep do we know?” This movie is laced with tons of wonderful graphics and videos to help to explain exactly what the scientist are telling us.
The Secret
This movie picks up right where What the Bleep leaves off. This movie too is more of a documentary with incredible interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and spiritualists. Based on the Law of Attraction, it shows you how to put the Laws of the Universe to work for you. It provides many tools in helping you to create the reality that you have always dreamed about.
Pay it Forward
This delightful movie shows, through the example of a young boy, how to create positive karma in your future. We have all heard the term “pay back”, which normally means to get even or pay a debt.  This movie shows you how to “Pay it Forward”. In other words it shows you how to do nice things for other people, without allowing them to pay you back. Instead you ask them to “pay it forward” as well. That is, you are asking them to repay your unexpected kindness by doing another unexpected kindness for someone else. The movie further illustrates the perfect accounting system of the Universe as ultimately the main character, the little boy, is paid back in his own future by someone else along a the string of people who began “paying it forward” based upon his example.
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
This wonderful movie shows just how inter-connected we all are. It also shows just how much we can all impact each other’s lives. It truly illustrates just how much impact you can have on another person’s life (weather or not you have actually had any physical contact or even met one another in life). This movie is really well done and gives you wonderful things to think about and be grateful for.
What Dreams May Come
This movie is simply breathtaking. It provides an incredible new perspective of “Heaven”, “Hell”, “:Love” & “Perception”. The Graphics in this movie are astounding and the acting from the all star cast is simply superb. I highly recommend this movie to everyone!
The Matrix
The original Matrix has been deemed a cult classic. As you read between the lines of this intricate storyline, you will find that Metaphysical Principals and understandings abound. Although there is a lot of violence in this hi-tech, action packed movie, the underlying message will certainly make you think.

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