*Basil, Sweet - Ocimum basilicum/France, United States/Leaf. There are many types of basil: linalool basil, exotic basil and sweet basil. The odor of the linalool type is very green, floral-sweet and is most often used in expensive perfumes. The exotic type of basil is stronger with a hint of camphor. Frontier's sweet basil type combines both qualities in a floral-spicy aroma with a lasting herbal sweetness. Clary sage, bergamot and lime oil work well with basil oil. Aromatherapy benefits: clarifying, uplifting, energizing, refreshing. More

Bay - Pimenta racemosa/Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominica/Leaf. Bay oil is distilled from the leaves and small twigs of the bay rum tree. It has a powerful, spicy, sweet aroma with a distinctive clove note. It is used to produce bay rum fragrance and as a component of fresh, spicy scents. Aromatherapy benefits: clarifying, warming.

Benzoin Absolute Resin - Styrax tonkinensis/Thailand/Oleoresin. Benzoin oleoresin is extracted with hot alcohol. The alcohol is then removed leaving a concentrated tincture known as a resin absolute. Benzoin resin absolute is a thick, brownish-yellow oil with a sweet, balsamic odor and a hint of vanilla. The sweet fragrance has been used in incense blends for thousands of years. A rose and benzoin combination is a pleasant, soothing scent. Aromatherapy benefits: soothing, comforting, warming.

*Bergamot and Bergamot BF - Citrus bergamia/Italy/Fruit Peel. Bergamot oil is cold-pressed from the peel of the nearly ripe fruit. The aroma of bergamot oil is fresh, lively, fruity and sweet. It is an excellent deodorizer. It contains a constituent called bergaptene that increases the skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Bergamot BF means "bergaptene free." Most of the sensitizing bergaptene constituent has been distilled out of this product but traces may still remain. Common sense dictates that one avoid using bergamot and bergamot BF on the skin when there is a possibility of exposure to sunlight. Aromatherapy benefits: uplifting, inspiring, confidence-building.