Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martinii/India, Brazil/Top. Palmarosa is distilled from a grass closely related to citronella and lemongrass. The oil has a floral-rose grassy scent. It is used extensively in perfumes and soaps to add or enhance a rose note. Palmarosa is a cleansing, astringent addition to skin care products such as bath and massage oils. Aromatherapy benefits: refreshing.

*Patchouli - Pogostemon cablin/Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia/Leaf. Used in countless perfumes and fragrances, patchouli is noted for its long-lasting fragrance and fixative ability. It borders on the exotic and even the name patchouli evokes images of heady aromas, dark, rich colors, candlelight, incense and intrigue. The aroma is very intense; it can be described as earthy, rich, sweet, balsamic, woody and spicy. Patchouli oil is one of the few essential oils that improve with age. Aromatherapy benefits: romantic, soothing, sensual.

*Peppermint - Mentha piperita/United States/Herb. Peppermint has a powerful, sweet, menthol aroma which, when inhaled undiluted, can make the eyes water and the sinuses tingle. Aromatherapy benefits: vitalizing, refreshing, cooling.

Peru Balsam - Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae/El Salvador/Oleoresin. Peru balsam is collected from wild trees along the "Balsam Coast" of El Salvador. Peru balsam oil has a very sweet, balsamic, rich, vanilla-like aroma. It has outstanding staying power and is one of the best fixatives. It blends well with spicy, floral, Oriental and balsamic scents. Aromatherapy benefits: anchoring, strengthening.

Petitgrain - Citrus aurantium/France, Italy, Morocco, South America/Leaf and Twig. Petitgrain oil is distilled from the bitter orange tree, the flowers of which also yield neroli essential oil. The fragrance of petitgrain is sweet, woody-floral and reminiscent of orange flowers, but a little less suave and floral-sweet. It combines well with geranium, frankincense, bergamot, lavender, rosemary and clary sage. Aromatherapy benefits: refreshing, inspiring.

*Pine - Pinus sylvestris/Russia, Austria/Twig and Needle. Pine oil is distilled from the twigs and needles of the Scotch pine that grows throughout much of Europe and Asia. It has a fresh, resinous, pine needle aroma. The oil is used to scent a number of household and personal care products such as room sprays, detergents, vaporizer liquids, cough and cold preparations and masculine perfumes. When used in skin care preparations, pine oil should always be well diluted as it can be irritating to sensitive skin. Aromatherapy benefits: refreshing, invigorating.