Sage, Clary - see Clary Sage

Sandalwood - Santalum spicatum/Australia/Heart Wood and Root. Sandalwood oil has a sweet-woody, warm, balsamic aroma that improves with age. The essential oil blends wonderfully with most oils, especially rose, lavender, neroli and bergamot. Sandalwood oil is also an excellent cleansing, astringent addition to massage and facial oils, bath oils, aftershaves, lotions and creams. Aromatherapy benefits: relaxing, centering, sensual.

*Spearmint - Mentha spicata/United States, China/Flowering Herb. Aromatherapists use spearmint to energize the mind and body. A few drops in bath water has a refreshing effect while a facial steam of spearmint oil helps cleanse and tighten pores. Aromtherapy benefits: refreshing, cooling, vitalizing.

Spruce - Picea, Tsuga species/Canada/Leaf and Twig. Several species of evergreen conifer trees are used to produce this pleasant, balsamic, sweet, evergreen-scented essential oil. The oil is used as a fragrance for household products by itself or with other pine needle oils to produce a fresh pine scent. Applications include air fresheners, room sprays, disinfectants, detergents and soaps. It blends well with cedarwood, galbanum, rosemary and all pine needle oils. Aromatherapy benefits: clarifying, vitalizing.