When our physical bodies are not working properly it can make everything else in our lives seem much more difficult. When a body is not at ease, it creates dis-ease. Physical Healing is most effective when it works holistically, with the whole you. Scott begins his work from the inside out.

He begins by tuning into your energy meridians or energy highways. If he senses a break or a disturbance in your natural flow of energy, he first works to “repair the pipes” so that your energy can flow easily and effortlessly to every part of the body. This insures that every part of your physical body has the energy that it requires to work properly.




Next Scott works with the Chakras, or energy centers, of the body. Each energy center has a vast amount of significance and importance both individually and collectively. Think of the Charkas like 7 interconnected water balloons. As one Chakra enlarges, it, in essence, borrows from its neighbors (making them smaller). Imagine each energy sphere being the equivalent of a C cell battery. Over time one energy center may enlarge to a D cell battery leaving its neighboring centers with only a AA or AAA cell battery to work with. Scott balances, shifts and realigns the energy centers so that they work effortlessly as a team for your overall benefit.

            From there, Scott works to cleanse the energetic, emotional and physical bodies of all negative energy. Negative energy can cause “blocks” that do not allow our systems to work properly. In Scott’s opinion, this should be done after strengthening and balancing the energy highways (meridians) and centers (charkas) so that they are able and ready to process the additional energy that will flow through them once the negative blocks are removed.

            Once these steps are completed, then the physical body has everything that it needs to be “at ease”. Once the physical body is “at ease” there is no longer an energetic need for the “dis-ease”. Scott uses a multitude of healing techniques to bring about results in your physical body. Many have used the biblical term, “hand on healing”. However, this can be done from a distance of thousands of miles, so the physical hands do not need to be laid on the physical body of another in order to work. Scott’s gifts enable him to be a “jumper cable” to divinity. By using this gift he channels the healing energy from the creator to repair, or heal, the physical body.

            Being an intuitive, if Scott receives other information during a healing, he freely shares it with you. It is his intention to get to “the root” of the cause of the disease, aliment or injury, in order to understand it better and ultimately resolve it. You do not have to live with pain and discomfort it can be changed just as easily as it was created.


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