Past Life Regression


Past Life Regression research shows us that many of us have, “been here before”. The soul is eternal and the body is but a temporary vessel. Many people today, as spiritual beings, have walked around in other bodies, in other countries and other times. During those other lifetimes we have enjoyed experiences, gained strengths, conquered weaknesses, established bonds with others, and created karma.

            Who were you in your past life? Where did you live? What did you do? What tools of that life experience can you bring into this life? What challenges of your current life are rooted in your past life?

            Through Past Life Regression Therapy you can discover the answers to these questions. A Past Life Regressionist, like Scott, will take you by the hand and walk you into your own forgotten memories. Once there, you will “see”, “feel” and “experience” it all for yourself.

            Why look back? Many of the keys to our present situations, circumstances, strengths, challenges can be traced back to the lifetime in which they were originally created. As we “go back” we can pick up those keys, those pieces of yourself that you had lost and return them to your present time reality.

            There are many things inside of this life that we have all battled with over and over and over again. It is like cutting off a weed. We keep “working on it”. However, just about the time that we think that we have finally “got it”, it seems to “spring back up” out of no where. Past Life Regressions allow you to see where it (the behavior, circumstance, phobia, person, energy, karma) is rooted and then empowers you to “pull it out by the root”. Then, just life in the weed analogy, once it is removed by the root, it never comes back. This has proven to be a very powerful tool for the multitudes of people who have experienced it. It can be for you as well.


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