There are numerous Paranormal Talk Radio Shows available. Most of them have live internet streams so that you can listen to them from anywhere. I would like to introduce you to many of my personal favorites. As you probably know, I appear on a lot of radio shows and as such I come into contact with many wonderful programs. Each show, each host & each format is different. I would recommend that you try a few out and see which ones you like the best. I have been a guest on every one of these shows and I highly endorse each one.

AlabamaPara Spiritual Research Radio
Host: Dr. Jimmy & Heather
Dr. Jimmy and Heather are a lot of sun with a Southern Twist. The are both Paranormal Investigators, so they bring their own unique perspectives to the world of Metaphysics. Scott is a monthly guest on this show. So, tune in, listen and become a part of the fun and information.

The Joyce Keller Show
Host: Joyce Keller & Jack Keller
Join Joyce Keller on the air for an exciting time. Joyce is listed as one of the top 100 psychics in the country as well as a best selling author. Her show is the longest running metaphysical how in America (17 years). Joyce and her husband Jack always provide a fun, entertaining and upbeat show. I also consider Joyce a personal friend and really enjoy being on her show. I definitely recommend it.

Living Successfully
Host: Bob Keeton
Join Bob via Sirius Satellite Radio and streaming live over the internet through Bob Keeton is an incredible talk show host with 3 decades of experience. Bon is a great personal friend of Scott’s and they have enjoyed in depth interviews on the air on many occasions. You will enjoy Bob’s professionalism and the high caliber of his guests.

The Kevin Smith Show
Host: Kevin Smith
The interview with Kevin Smith back in January was hands down, the best on air interview Scott has ever experienced. Join Kevin for an extraordinary time. He is very professional and produces an incredible “in depth” show and interviews with some of the most sought after paranormal experts out there!

Ghostly Talk Radio
Host: Scott Lambert
The guys at ghostly talk radio have a great time. It is a fun, up beat, contemporary show. They delve into many areas of the paranormal, however, their first love is the more ghostly side of things. You will certainly not fall asleep with this lively bunch!

The Joe Mazza Show
Host: Joe Mazza
Joe and his dog Sebastian have a very fun show with east coast flair. Joe’s show is syndicated through several states and his audience just keeps on growing.  This show seems to take you back to the radio styles of yester-year while providing cutting edge guests and topics.

Cosmic Horizons
Host: James Haarp
Join James on one of Canada’s Hottest Paranormal Radio Talk Shows. Our friendly neighbors from the north have produced a splendid show. You will undoubtedly enjoy the fast pace and well though out questions displayed in the venue.

The Good Life Show
Host: Jesse Dylan
Join Jesse live via Sirius Satellite Radio and streaming live over the internet through Jesse is an extremely well know talk show host who has interviewed the best of the best. His past guests include James Earl Ray (of the Secret), Muriel Hemmingway (actress), Leeza Gibbons (television talk show hostess), James Redfield (author of the Celestine Prophecy), John Assaraf (of the Secret) and the list goes on and on… Scott is delighted to be added to that prestigious list of his peers.

Conversations From Beyond
Website: Conversations from Beyond
Host: Lenny Feldsott
Join Lenny Feldsott, Psychic Medium and Talk show host and Scott live on the air. Lenny is an accomplished Medium and specializes in connecting you with your loved ones who have crossed over, on the air. He showcases other Mediums as well, so you when you call in for your free reading you often get the insights of two Mediums at the same time.

Lights On! With Nancy Lee
Host: Nancy Lee
Lights on! With Nancy Lee is a highly successful show drawing in many of the stars of today such as Collin Raye, Arron Tippin & John Corbett. This promises to be a wonderful interview with two highly sought after and respected Psychics. You will not want to miss this show, so join us for the broadcast!

Mind Health Matters
Website: &
Host: Bernie Siegel, MD
World Famous Bernie Siegel, MD who is a leader in the fight of Cancer. Bernie is truly an exceptional human being with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that span the globe. He has been featured on so many things that it would be difficult to find a place to start. He brings all of that knowledge and incredible guests on his show to bring you the best information available on the planet to help you to overcome challenges and chronic illness.

The X Zone
Host: Rob McConnell
Join Rob and the rest of the X-Zone Nation. The X-Zone boasts over 1.9 million listeners throughout Canada, the US, the Caribbean, South and Central America and Europe. The X-Zone is one of the most successful paranormal radio programs on the planet. Join us for a wonderful, informative interview and live free call in readings! Rob has one of the largest and most informative shows available today. I have been featured on the X Zone on numerous occasions and have had fun doing tons of free on-air readings there.


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