Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for understanding and reporgramming the subconsious mind. We all have programs (or ideas that we picked up along life’s journey) that we have internalized into our thinking, at a root level, that help to define who and what we are. There is nothing wrong with that, that it just a part of how life works. The challenge, however, occurs when what we want is in conflict with that program.  That is where Hypnotherapy steps in.

Let’s just say that when you were a small child, you hugged your grandmother and loved the way that you seemed to “melt into her” because she was “squishy”. On some level, in that moment you may have begun to associate grandma’s physical body (being overweight) with other traits that you adored about Grandma such as safety, love, warmth, caring, etc. You could then think, “I admire grandma and want to be just like her when I grow up.” These thoughts get “hardwired” into your subconscious programs and you begin to live them. You may find yourself becoming more and more like her every day. You may even begin to look just like a younger version of her. Because your mind associated her weight with her character, the two may have become intertwined in your program. This is all fine, until you want a change. You may decide that you want to loose weight. So you diet and exercise and still you do not loose weight. Why? Well, the program in your subconscious may tell you, “if you are not “squishy” like grandma, then you cannot be all of the other good things that she was either”. So, your subconscious program will want to keep the weight on.

On the level of the subconsious mind there is no such thing as “good and bad”, or “right and wrong”. On the level of the subconsious mind, there is just expereince. Through Hypnotherapy, you can find out where any Subconscious Program was created and change it easily, effortlessly and quickly. It can be used to enhance any positive program and to re-create (or change) and negative program. It can be used to improve your finances, health, spiritual connection, relationships, perspectives & your overall reality in general.


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